Whenever we think of makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is eye makeup. Needless to say, eye makeup is very important when you are getting ready for a party or a simple trip to the mall with your friends. From those early days of learning makeups and watching makeup tutorials online, most […]

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You will love this Oval Makeup Brush Set

Oval Makeup Brush Set

You can’t have a good makeup without a good makeup brush. Being a fashion and beauty expert I am always very choosy when it comes to makeup brush, as I know if I would use some too hard or too soft brush or a brush with uncomfortable shape the result will be a disaster. Recently […]

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Choosing a Good Makeup Course Matters

makeup artist

If ever you decide to become a professional makeup artist, learning the trade from a certified institution is a must. Learning something formally from a professional always comes with a price. Even a makeup course can be quite costly these days. That is why when you choose a school and a course, it is ideal […]

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5 Tips to make your Lipstick last longer

So you are looking for some methods to make your lipstick last ger. Here are some cool tips that will surely will helpful. 1.  Scrub your lips and your face while you’re in the shower in the morning. A delicate exfoliator will cover up the drops that accompany winter’s dry lips. 2. With the temperatures […]

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Attractive Personality Through Permanent Makeup


Without perfect eyebrows or eyelashes the personality is zero. Even if you have attractive eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes must support them to keep them beautiful and appealing. I have came across so many people who have issues with their eyebrows. Either they have thin eyebrows or some part is missing. So they have to consult […]

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Manicurists’ Insider Tips: Shellac Nail Polish


Shellac nail polish, red lipstick, bronzer, blonde highlights, – it seems as if every week we hear about a new beauty craze. Some fads make a smaller amount of sense than others. Our favorite trends might be completely different from someone else’s, but take this from us: shellac is something everybody can get behind. So […]

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