Getting rid of your wrinkles fast and safely


Are you in your late thirties or into the forties?Then you must be worried about your increasing age and its effect on you skin? Are your wrinkles getting prominent day by day and are you unable to hide your under eye bags. I would suggest you to use Ecomaxx anti-wrinkle cream, it’s a complete solution […]

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You will love this Oval Makeup Brush Set

Oval Makeup Brush Set

You can’t have a good makeup without a good makeup brush. Being a fashion and beauty expert I am always very choosy when it comes to makeup brush, as I know if I would use some too hard or too soft brush or a brush with uncomfortable shape the result will be a disaster. Recently […]

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The Natural Skin Benefits of Argan Oil

argan oil

You’ve seen it in shampoo commercials and it’s being used in a multitude of skin care products more often than ever, Argan oil or “liquid gold” as it described, is a natural oil derived from the nut of a rare tree found only in Morroco. It is known for its anti-aging properties and high amounts […]

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Choosing a Good Makeup Course Matters

makeup artist

If ever you decide to become a professional makeup artist, learning the trade from a certified institution is a must. Learning something formally from a professional always comes with a price. Even a makeup course can be quite costly these days. That is why when you choose a school and a course, it is ideal […]

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