5 Tips to make your Lipstick last longer

So you are looking for some methods to make your lipstick last ger. Here are some cool tips that will surely will helpful.

1.  Scrub your lips and your face while you’re in the shower in the morning. A delicate exfoliator will cover up the drops that accompany winter’s dry lips.
2. With the temperatures dropping quicker than you can say “pumpkin flavor latté,” saturating everything, including your lips is vital. Stock up on an enduring chapstick to keep your pucker from getting dried out and utilize it before applying lipstick to help it go on easily.

long lasting lipstick

3.  Set the stage for the bold color using an easy-to-apply lip primer. Once it’s absorbed, outline you lips in a liner that’s the same shade of your natural lip color. It will surely help.

4. In two swipes apply your favorite red lipstick. Smear a few times on a tissue and rehash with another swipe of lipstick, trailed by another blotch. Do this until you score your wanted shading quality.

5.  Powder your lips before applying lipstick. A light layer of powder will keep your lipstick intact even after you will drink a hot cup of tea.

long lasting lipstick

So following these methods your lipstick will last a bit longer. But a more simple way to keep your lipstick longer is going for a reliable long lasting lipstick. As these tips can be helpful but it won’t last as longer as a proper long lasting lipstick. If you want a genuinely smear proof, smooch proof and long lasting lipstick then I will recommend senegence lipsense . As I have been using lipsense from a while now and it proves to be Kissproof, Smudgeproof and will last for longer then you expect and most of the time its you who have to take it off yourself using lipsence remover or coconut oil. You can imagine yourself, how much long lasting the lipstick will be that’s so hard to remove.


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