Pro and Cons of Making Bath Bombs at Home.

Interested in a warm and accomplishing bathing experience? Something to make you yearn for a bath. Then using bath bombs would be your best option. Bath bombs are blends of dry constituents which fizz when wet. By adding ingredients such as scent and color to your bath, they ensure your bathing experience is more a fulfilling one.

Homemade bath bombs involve using an organic mixture of ingredients. It is safe, and yet still it accomplishes the same goal as the manufactured one. The constituents of this mixture include: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, salt, essential oil, scent and color, and liquid. Specific proportions of the above components are mixed to create a homemade bath bomb.

The above ingredients used in making homemade bath bombs have many benefits. Below are some of them.



  • Homemade bath bombs are made using organic materials, meaning they are safe, what makes them a more suitable choice when compared to manufactured products, which may contain artificial components such as chemical dyes, which could be harmful to your skin.


    • You can be inventive when shaping your bath bombs. The shape is up to you, depending on the purpose of making it. Whether it’s for a baby or you just want to use it as a gift, you can either shape it into a heart, a ball, a doughnut or a cupcake. The shapes you can choose from are endless.
    • You can also choose the size, color and scent of your bath bomb. There is a freedom of creation in your hands. You can completely customize your product on your own.
    • Making your own bath bombs is a great activity for those who love crafting and handcrafted products. You can have a lot of fun with your kids or other family members.


  • By being able to choose the size, shape, color, and the scent of your bath bomb, you gain the experience to create any type of this product. Using this skill, you can start your own small business to earn extra cash.



  • A proper home bath bomb could cost you up to $9. When compared to purchasing one from the store, which costs between $1.50 to $3, it is slightly expensive.
  • You are bound to make a mistake when preparing a homemade bath bomb. Your ingredients need to be weighed and blended correctly, because any extra or less will mean you don’t achieve your goal.
  • Preparing a bath bomb takes time. It involves collecting all the needed ingredients, mixing the right proportion of those ingredients before you can take a bath. It is even harder if you want to take a bath more than once.


Bath bombs are remarkable themselves, but homemade products may be even better. The number of benefits to your skin, along with the pleasant scents, represent an alluring mix for any woman. They generate the finest mood for the best of baths.

Apart from their skin benefits, doing your own bath bombs may be an entertaining process. If you like to spend time crafting, then you shoul definitely try making a homemade bath bombs. This extraordinary experience may become your new hobby.



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