Why Is The Beach A Healthy Place To Be?

There is something truly special about the beach, and it’s no wonder that so many people love to go there. It is fun, relaxing, and can help you to make great memories, plus it is something out of the ordinary, which is great. Plus, a break from routine is often helpful for a number of reasons.

Going to the beach is also a good choice when you want to be healthy. Although you may not think so at first, since you might indulge in fast food and ice cream, or lie down and do nothing in the warm sun, read on to find out exactly what it is about the beach that is so good for you.

Stress Relief

We all get stressed in life, and some feel it more keenly than others. Sometimes that stress is temporary, and sometimes it is a much more chronic problem. The beach can help in both cases (although if you suffer from chronic stress a trip to the beach won’t solve everything and it is best to see a medical professional).

When you go to the beach you can forget about everything for a little while and really concentrate on the here and now. All you need are some items from this website, a warm day, and your preferred method of relaxation (it could be listening to music, reading a book, working on a puzzle, chatting with friends, napping, or anything else) and you can really relax. Relaxation will slow your breathing and your heart rate. It will reduce your blood pressure. It will also give your mind a chance to rest and stop worrying about your troubles for a little while, which will give you a more positive feeling.

It’s Good For Joints And Skin

The beach is a natural healer. It is an ideal therapy for your joints and muscles, and it can even heal your skin if it is cut or damaged. The sea water does all of this, relaxing joints and muscles and making them easier to move. Plus it aids healing.

When you get out of the water, you can exfoliate with sand, rubbing away old skin cells and looking and feeling rejuvenated when you are done. The only thing to remember here is that you will need to reapply any sunscreen afterward, otherwise, you could burn and damage your skin.


Any exercise is good for you, and at the beach, you can enjoy all kinds. From walking or running along the sand, to playing games like soccer, catch, or Frisbee with friends and family, to swimming in the sea, it’s all good exercise that you might not otherwise have had. Even walking from the car to the beach itself can count, especially if you might normally spend the day sitting at your desk and not moving around very much.

What’s great about exercise on the beach is that you don’t have to measure it, there are no goals to reach, no races to be won (unless you choose this, of course). You can simply enjoy the fact that you are in a beautiful spot and are able to breathe in the good sea air and move around. You’ll feel wonderful.

Check Your Body

It’s vitally important that we all check our own bodies regularly to ensure that nothing has changed. By checking once a month or so, you can detect any changes that might have occurred such as lumps or moles that have appeared or changed shape or color. These can indicate problems, some of which could be serious, and tell you that you should book an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

The problem is, we are all so busy working and running a household that doing this kind of check is easy to forget and might fall right to the bottom of the list of things to do. When you are at the beach, you can take your time to do it – you’ll be applying sunscreen, so take the opportunity to check your body all over at the same time.

A Tech Detox

How many times do you look at your social media accounts, check your email, or respond to texts or messages during the day? If you’re like most people in the 21st century, it will be a lot – more than you probably realize. Although smartphones and tablets can be useful and some find them the perfect way to run a business or to keep up to date with what friends and family are doing, it can also be detrimental to your mental health. You’ll try to keep up with that you think society expects of you, and you’ll easily become addicted to the tech, even if you know you don’t really enjoy using it.

The beach is a great way to detox. You can leave your phone and tablet at home, or at least in the car or at the bottom of your bag so that you’re not checking it all the time. Since the sand and seawater could cause it to malfunction, it’s far better not to have it in the first place so that you don’t damage it. Plus, there might not be much of a signal (or any wifi) at the beach, so you’ll not be able to use the apps anyway.

Vitamin D

We all need more vitamin D in our lives, and the beach is the perfect place to get it. Vitamin D is vital for health and wellness – it helps to support healthy bones and bone growth, keeps the skin healthy, and ensures that we can soak up enough calcium to keep older bones healthy too. Yet many of us don’t get enough vitamin D because we spend so much time indoors and natural sunlight is the best and easiest place to get a good dose.

Although you’ll still need to wear protective clothing and sunscreen, being outside on the beach means you can become healthier just by sitting doing nothing – you’ll be getting more vitamin D than usual, and your body will thank you for it.


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