5 Most Common Hairstyling Myths Debunked


Photo by Skitterphoto, CC0 1.0   If you’re going to be taking care of your hair properly on a regular basis, then there are some hairstyling myths that you might have already fallen prey too. It’s super easy to fall for these myths because so many people already believe them and promote them as truth. […]

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Different Types Of Extensions For Hair !


Extensions for hair are extremely beneficial for those who have thin and lanky hairs and who have no crowning glory to show off but would love to sport various hairstyles in sync with the current fashion trends. There is a common belief among all of us that hairstyles are the ones that can miraculously change […]

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Top hairstyle ideas for New Year’s Night


We are on brink of New Year’s night and if you still haven’t decided your hairstyle yet, it’s your final call now. Everyone would like to look glowing, graceful and different on the New year’s Eve. Outfit selection is very crucial but hairstyle is what brings perfection into your look. And you surely want to […]

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