Manicurists’ Insider Tips: Shellac Nail Polish


Shellac nail polish, red lipstick, bronzer, blonde highlights, – it seems as if every week we hear about a new beauty craze. Some fads make a smaller amount of sense than others. Our favorite trends might be completely different from someone else’s, but take this from us: shellac is something everybody can get behind.

So what makes shellac nail color so different from regular nail polish? Quite a few things, in fact. For one, it has a unique chemical makeup. While acrylic nail polish is composed of a water-based compound called nitrocellulose, shellac contains a special polymer mix that makes it stick extra-well to nails. This strength is the reason it’s so popular – shellac doesn’t chip for almost a month! It’s very thick, and needs to go on in a number of paper-thin coats. Each coat is “cured” under a special UV light, making the final result much structurally stronger than a regular paint job.

The special application process makes shellac nails a primarily salon-based operation. It’s a good idea to make sure your employees are properly trained in the application process. An untrained set of hands can easily mess it up. Customers will come to your salon in the faith that your manicurists will do it properly. It’ll be your job in return to give them gorgeous, long-lasting manicures. Some people will come in looking for animal themes. Others are longing to sport an impossible-looking floral design It’s your job as a manicurist to make their dreams come true. Train yourself in the shellac painting method, and you’re on your way to doing just that.

Not all brands of gel are created equal. It’s vital you pick a well known brand that specializes in shellac. Pick one that offers plenty of color choice and also sells UV lamps – that way you’ll know they’re serious about their shellac.

So, why is shellac such a vital part of your list of offerings? Shellac nail color is strong, durable, beautiful, and popular among all sorts of customers.

It’s also important that you get good quality polish and equipment.. For the working women as well as the ladies staying at home, nail gel polish are very handy and good choice. Visit here to be aware of the options available and know what to look for the best.


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