Whenever we think of makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is eye makeup. Needless to say, eye makeup is very important when you are getting ready for a party or a simple trip to the mall with your friends. From those early days of learning makeups and watching makeup tutorials online, most of us have started with eye makeup tutorials because eyes never fail to fascinate us. It is the eye makeup which sets the mood for your look. If you are still a beginner and tired of all the mistakes, just keep one thing in mind, your eyes are beautiful and the makeup is only needed to make it stand out. The mistakes are a part of your learning process. Even the pros make mistakes. In this article, a few simple tricks and tips are presented to you to make your eye makeup an easy and stylish affair!

  • Before putting the brushes into action, first of all, know your eye shape. It is very important to decide what kind of makeup is going to make your eyes look attractive. If you are the bearer of big and wide eyes, you do not need to put any effort to make them look bigger because they are already capable of grabbing all the attraction. If your eyes are tiny and cute, you need to work on making them look wide because only then they will draw the attention.
  • If you are a beginner, you might get mind boggled after seeing the various cosmetics lying in front of you to be put into action. You must know in which part of your eye each of these cosmetics are to be used.
  • For enhancing your eyes in the best possible way, use two mascaras. The one for thickening must be applied from the root of the lashes in order to give a fuller look. The one for lengthening must be applied from the middle of the eye lashes to the end. You might add an extra bit of it towards the ends to add to the flair.
  • Curling your eyelashes is a very good way of making your eyes look opened up and big. However, make sure that you use the curler only after the mascara is applied, otherwise, you might end up tearing your lashes.
  • Avoid connecting the liner of upper lid with that of the lower lid. This will create an illusion that your eyes are big and more awake. However, you do not need to use it if you already are blessed with big and wide eyes!
  • Want to add a bit of drama to your eyes? Choose colorful eyeliner. Black liners are always classical, but you might slay the world with colorful liners that suit the color of your eyes and your complexion. Want even more adventure? Go for colorful mascara!
  • Even after thoroughly mastering the tricks with the eye liners and mascara, you might feel that something is missing. The answer to this is your eyebrows. Define your eyebrows properly with the help of eyebrow pencils. You may also choose to change their natural color by using colored eye brow pencils. However, don’t expect to find a green eye brow pencil anywhere!
  • Your eyelids maybe too full of veins. You might conceal this by applying concealer on the upper lid. However make sure to thoroughly mix the concealer with your complexion.
  • Never ever dare to stretch the delicate skin around your eyes while applying kohl or eye liner or whatever! However, if you are ready to welcome eye wrinkles at an early age, you can go for it.
  • No matter how big a pro you are, you might sprinkle a bit of eye shadows under the eye in undesirable areas which might ruin your whole makeup. Put a tape under your eyes so that in case of spilling, you can just remove the tape with zero damage to your makeup.
  • There have been several makeup tragedies in every girl’s life. Just after you’ve perfectly done your makeup, you might just end up sneezing! Then comes the dreaded smudge! No need to worry. Just apply micellar water with eye liner brush on the smudged area and your makeup is just as perfect as it was!



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