Curvy-Faja Shapwear Made My Day!

Mid of December means Christmas is around and I have so many plans for this Christmas and new year Holidays. But there was a big issue, actually a very big issue for me, my belly fat. It’s been 3 months since I had not gone to gym. So my figure had gone out of shape. As there wasn’t time for exercise and those quick 30 days sessions, so there was only option left for me was to go for shapewear. I was a bit out of touch with shapewear recently so asked for recommendations and suggestions from my friends. A couple of them recommended Curvy-Faja shapewear.

I hadn’t used any of their products before, so I was a bit reluctant first. But once I visited their store website and saw the variety of shapewear they are offering and their competitive prices, I was convinced enough to try them. There was actually curvy-faja Christmas Sale. Means you can buy high quality shapewear at discounted prices during Christmas season. And they are also offering free shipping on orders above $79. Keeping in mind my body shape one of my friend had asked me to go for faja girdle . A body shaper that will not only keep my tummy tucked in but also lift my curves to show a good figure under my dress. Actually my bust and butt got out of shape a bit so girdle can keep it in shape.

Product reached my doorstep even before estimated delivery time. Once I put on these body shaper, a big waooo came out of my mouth. I got back into shape within no time. My Christmas Holiday won’t be ruined now. Curvy-faja body shaper saved my day for sure. I wasn’t aware of benefits of wearing a girdle before I actually wore one. It keeps the body in perfect curve. It’s comfortable to wear, no itchy feelings whatsoever. Most of the body shapers are not designed for washroom use. But this girdle is very comfortable to be used in toilet. You don’t have to remove the shaper at all. Just unzip from crotch and here you go.

Some of the girls only face butt related issues due to unhealthy routines. Apart from girdle they can also go for seamless butt lifter. So instead of wearing a complete body shaper they only have to wear a shaper that would cover your hips and inner thighs area. You can actually wear that instead of panties under your pants and it will lift your butt giving you a perfect shape. Fabric is so much comfortable and feel good to your body.

So overall curvy-faja got a good range of shapwear to choose from. I have taken benefit of their Christmas sale and bought a couple of shapwear to get a perfect look during my holidays. Now it’s your turn to try them out. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 


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