Some inspiring personalized gift ideas


First of all sorry for a prolonged absence. I wasn’t feeling well, but now back with a boom. This week I have brought you some exciting personalized gift ideas.

Personalized Gifts

A gift that’s made personally for you or for someone you would be gifting to. It can be necklace with your name on it or a bracelet with your picture in it or a pillow with your picture printed on it. There can be so many options for a personalized gift. The best thing about a personalized gift is the relevance and attachment. Koala Print is a personalized gift store who masters in the art of creating customized and personalized gifts.

Photo Necklace

A necklace with a photo chosen by you can be an ideal gift for your sweat heart. It can be funny, romantic or any other memorable moment captured by camera. Ordering a photo necklace is very simple. Visit Koala Print store, select any photo necklace design that attracts you, submit the picture to finalize the order. Once the personalized photo necklace is created it will dispatched to you.

Infinity Heart Photo Necklace Personalized S925 Silver Shadow Engraving Necklace

photo necklace

Name Necklace

Just like photo necklace, a name necklace is one of the best choice in personalized gifts. No matter what kind of person you want to gift it to, majority of the people love to see their name written on a valuable and stylish items. If you have some idea about what kind of style and fonts etc she likes, it will make this gift even more attractive for her. You can even got a choice to order an Arabic name necklace. Personally I would go with Carrie style classic name necklace.

Carrie Style Name Necklace Custom Classic Name Necklace

customized name necklace

Projection Bracelet

That’s something new and innovative recently added to personalized gift items. Koala Print has utilized projection features pretty well. A projection bracelet will have a picture you have provided at the time of order, the picture can be projected anywhere anytime. A features that’s hardly seen in a jewelry item. Normally such features are embedded in gadgets and electronic devices. But Koala Print has gone one step forward and introduced this feature in a jewelry item.

Custom Photo Projection Bracelet Personalized Picture Projection Bracelet

photo projection bracelet

These were some inspiring personalized gift items ideas. Koala Print got more to offer, you can checkout their store for further personalized gift ideas.


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