5 Most Common Hairstyling Myths Debunked


Photo by Skitterphoto, CC0 1.0   If you’re going to be taking care of your hair properly on a regular basis, then there are some hairstyling myths that you might have already fallen prey too. It’s super easy to fall for these myths because so many people already believe them and promote them as truth. […]

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Different Types Of Extensions For Hair !


Extensions for hair are extremely beneficial for those who have thin and lanky hairs and who have no crowning glory to show off but would love to sport various hairstyles in sync with the current fashion trends. There is a common belief among all of us that hairstyles are the ones that can miraculously change […]

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Handmade jewelry and bows by GypsyStarsRVA

I recently came across an etsy store named “GypsyStarsRVA” selling Jewelry bows and handmade headbands. The designs, neatness and quality of work and color combinations were so amazing. I have hardly seen anyone giving so much attentions to such fashion accessories.And my praise extended even more when I came to know that these are actually […]

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10 Ways Men Can Make Most of Their Looks


Photo by Olichel, CC0 1.0   It’s been the standard for years that men don’t have to improve their looks or keep them in check as much as the ladies have to. However, that’s changing more and more every day. Men now should pay special attention to everything from their posture to their facial skin […]

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