PUR attitude Skincare products contains no water !


Are you aware of the ingredients used in your skincare products? Majority of the products are using chemicals and ingredients those are harmful for your skin. Even water in skincare products is harmful for your skin. So you must use only the products those are formulated with ingredients suitable for your skin. American skin care […]

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Tips on How to Clean a Beauty Blender


Figure 1 how to clean a beauty blender   Clogged pores? Frequent breakouts? If your skin has gone haywire, don’t blame it on the alcohol, but your beauty blender. It’s no secret the first rule to flawless, clear skin is to protect your canvas from acne-causing culprits – aka- makeup brushes and beauty blenders. Labeling […]

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A Must Have Red Color Cupid Pump !


If you are looking for some stylish, attractive and graceful pump then this one is surely for you. The seductive red color Cupid Pump has an amazing design that allows you to own two pairs of shoes in one! With a soft leather insole, this sultry heel will give you ultimate comfort making this design […]

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