How To Protect Your Fur Coat For The Long Term

Fur Coat

If you have just purchased a brand new fur coat, then you should also know about the ideal ways to protect it. Else, the coat can grow pretty lifeless very soon, and the heavy investment you made to buy it will turn into a loss. Below, we take a look at four things you can do to protect your fur coat and ensure that it retains its quality and shape for a long time.

Proper Hanging

Ensure that you hang your fur coat properly. If you use a regular hanger to hang the coat, then the shoulders will soon lose its natural shape and form. As a result, the coat will not fit you as it used to.  Instead, use a wide hanger. This will give the coat the proper support so that it retains its shape. And if you can get a hanger with padding, then go for it. Plus, when storing the fur coat in your closet, make sure that you don’t overcrowd it with too many clothes. Instead, give the coat sufficient space around it.

Professional Storage

As far as possible, store your fur coat with a professional storage service. This is because a fur coat needs to be stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels in order to maintain its shape and quality. And such conditions are difficult to create or maintain in your home. Therefore, professional fur coat storage services are your best choice. You may think of avoiding the storage cost by keeping the coat in your home. But know that you are risking irreparable damage to the coat by doing so.

Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a fur coat is vastly different from cleaning normal clothes. If you use a washing machine to clean the coat, then it will inevitably damage the life of the fur. And this is why it is ideal that you leave the cleaning process to a professional service. Give them your coat at regular intervals, and they will ensure that it is cleaned with the proper care it needs.

Avoid Sun Exposure

When you wear the coat in the open, make sure that you don’t expose it to too much sunlight. This can oxidize the fur and cause it to fade. In the worst case scenario, if only some parts of the coat were regularly exposed to the sun, then only those parts would fade. And this will look visually unappealing. You may not even be able to wear it anymore, and neither will anybody be willing to purchase it when you try to sell it. So, remember to keep the coat away from sunlight as much as possible. And if you store the coat in your home, make sure that it is in a dark place, where there is no exposure to sunlight.



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