5 Differences Between Real Fur And Faux Fur You Should Know About

When you decide to buy a fur coat, you may have to choose between getting yourself a real fur or a faux fur. While a real fur will require you to make some big investments, faux fur coats can be purchased much cheaply. But that is not the only difference between the two fur options. Below, we look at five ways real furs and faux furs differ from each other.


You can easily distinguish between real and faux fur by just looking at it. For one, the real fur will look far more lustrous than the faux versions. And in terms of color, the depth and richness of the natural colors of the real fur will be unmatched by the faux fur.  In addition, there will also be more variation in texture in the natural fur.


When it comes to the issue of warmth, the real fur again beats the faux fur by a huge margin. In fact, no matter how cold the outside temperatures are, real fur coats insulate you completely and keep you warm. In addition, real fur coats usually have two linings, one on the inside made of wool or flannel, and one on the outside made of a satin material. Plus, these furs are also very breathable.  In contrast, faux furs are neither as breathable as real fur nor does it warm the body as well.

Feel On Hands

There is also a big difference between real and faux fur based on how they feel on the hands.

When you run your fingers on a real fur, it will feel soft and luxuriously smooth. In contrast, a faux fur will feel coarser to touch. And since it is made from plastic derived from petroleum products, the chances of faux furs even becoming equal to real furs in terms of smoothness is very slim.

Eco Friendly

The question of which of the two options is more eco-friendly is a hotly debated topic. On one hand, real furs are said to cause the death of thousands of animals and is therefore considered ‘sinful’ by a few environmental groups. On the plus side, the furs get decomposed when buried in the ground and will eventually mix with the soil, not polluting the environment. In contrast, faux furs do not lead to the death of any animals. But on the flipside, since they are made from petroleum derivatives, they don’t decompose pretty well. In fact, they can remain buried in the landfill for centuries.

Burn Test

If you go into a store and are unable to determine whether the coat you have chosen is made up of real or faux furs, there is a simple burning test you can do. Just pluck out a few hairs from both of them and burn it. If the smell coming off is similar to that of burning human hair, then it is real fur. But if the hairs look as if it has melted like plastic, then that fur coat is definitely made up of faux furs.


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