4 Things to Do in the Shower for Glowing Skin


It always seems that extra efforts are needed to be taken in order to care for our skin. There are plenty of ways through which our skin care routine can be incorporated into our daily shower time. All it takes is a little more time than being kept aside for showering every day. This ensures that the skin which is being subjected to a lot of stress is continuously pampered without taking up too much of our time. Let’s go through the top four methods to reach that perfect glow and shine.

  1. Scrubbing

Scrubbing the whole body is a great way to remove those dead skin layers, dirt and pollutants which basically stick to the outer layer along with oil and moisture. Other than scrubbing with the loofah once you’re in the shower, you can also try dry scrubbing. In this method, a normal brush is used to just scrub the whole body before showering. This action is known to help increase blood circulation and also flush out toxins due to the higher flow rate of lymphatic fluid. Further it releases stress and helps present the inner layer of skin which will visibly make you look better groomed and brighter due to the exfoliating nature of scrubbing.

  1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are great ways to ensure that the required dose of essential oils and scents are delivered to the skin while also giving you the most relaxing atmosphere for unwinding. Bath bombs are to be used in the bath, and are to be done regularly for getting that really soft skin which leaves you feeling spa refreshed, especially with the multi layered spectacle than each of the bomb leaves as they fizz out. They come in many combinations based on their designs or for specific skin types as can be looked into on Home Spa Select.

  1. Softening look

It is really important that the water being used is not scalding enough to wash away all the oils and dry the skin up. Further, exfoliation should be kept to once or twice a week to ensure that it does not end up irritating the skin. Instead, the best method for silky soft skin would be to use essential, scented oils and creamy body washes instead of normal soaps. They can be the key to step out of the shower with the required glow. For a really soft exfoliating effect, add sugar or salt to a bit of body wash and rub it over the skin.

  1. Lock the glow

After taking all the efforts to get the glow, it does seem pointless to let it all be ruined without taking the final step to lock it in. Right after leaving the shower, pat dry the skin and apply a good moisturizer all over your body. The effect of the moisturizer is maximized due to the hydrating effect of the steam which would have opened all the pores and cause it to be well absorbed. Moisturizers with glycerin especially work wonders towards attracting water vapor and ensuring hydration of the skin.

With these small changes, you can step out of the shower looking young and glossy. Furthermore, these techniques can contribute towards a healthier looking skin which can breathe well as all the outer clog is removed and the skin is pampered for the stress that it endures due to the outside environment. Inculcating the above said changes will definitely lead to a younger looking skin which will make you feel much more confident and content with your skin care routine.


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