5 Questions You Should Ask Your Cosmetic Surgeon Before a Facelift

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When it comes to getting a facelift, this is something that you have definitely got to think a lot about. It’s a major cosmetic surgery that you might not think too much about, but is definitely going to have a big impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to come to your cosmetic surgeon with the following essential questions to ensure that he or she is the person for the job. You want to have the best person operating on you possible, so write down these questions or print out this article to bring with you to your next appointment. You’ll be happy that you did!

  1. Are They Board Certified for Cosmetic Surgery?

The first thing that you’ve got to determine when working with a cosmetic surgeon is whether or not they are board certified to perform these surgeries. It’s the frightening truth that a lot of plastic surgeons in the United States are not board certified, which testifies to their experience and education in the field. When you are working with a surgeon who is certified, you can know that he or she knows what they are doing and has the experience to prove it.

  1. How Frequently Is This Procedure Performed?

You definitely want a surgeon who regularly performs the kind of surgery that you are getting. It’s common for a plastic surgeon to do a lot of different surgeries, but specialize in one or two that they do all of the time. If those one or two that they specialize in are the ones that you are looking at getting done, then great! This is the surgeon for you. If not, it might be a good idea to keep shopping around and see if you can find a specialist in the surgery you would like.

  1. What Type of Anesthesia Is Going to Be Given and Who Will Provide It?

The next thing you are going to want to ask if what kind of anesthesia is going to be administered during the surgery and who is going to provide it. This question will determine whether the anesthesia administered is good for your mental and physical health. The person who is administering the anesthesia must be certified to do it, so be sure to get that person’s name and information before moving forward.

  1. What’s the Recovery Look Like?

One of the most important things to understand before you undergo a facelift is what your recovery is going to look like. Are there any potential side effects that you should look out for? Are there any mental side-effects that you may experience thanks to your new facelift? The surgeon who will perform facelift is going to be able to answer these questions and give you an idea of what your life is going to be like after your facelift. That way, you will be able to get a proper understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.

  1. What’s the Total Cost of The Procedure Look Like?

And of course, the most important thing for you to understand is what the total cost of your procedure is going to look like. This is important because you have got to budget for these kinds of things. Without knowing the total cost, you are putting yourself at risk for spending way too much money and getting into trouble financially, especially since this kind of thing is probably not covered by your insurance.


And there you have it! Keep all of these questions in mind when you have your next appointment with the surgeon who is going to be performing your facelift. This is going to ensure that you are prepared for everything that you are getting yourself into.



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