Different Types Of Extensions For Hair !

Extensions for hair are extremely beneficial for those who have thin and lanky hairs and who have no crowning glory to show off but would love to sport various hairstyles in sync with the current fashion trends.

There is a common belief among all of us that hairstyles are the ones that can miraculously change the way you look and can add so much of style and good looks instantaneously. But unfortunately not all are endowed with bountiful and lustrous locks that can be styled any way you want.

Now how does one cope with this problem? Easy, get yourself hair extensions that can add either length or volume to your hair within no time and there you are all ready to sport the new look with long hair!

Hair extensions are basically of two types, ones made of natural human hair and the others made of synthetic hairs. It is easy to guess which of the two is a better option, yes, of course the natural human hair extensions.

There are extensions that are made even out of other material like wool, horsehair, and other fibers, but they are not as popular as the above two types.


Human hair is procured from people who either sell their hairs for monetary gains or donate. People mostly get their heads tonsured at temples as a vow made to the Gods for fulfillment of a wish.

Human hair extensions though are more expensive than the others are much in demand since they look very natural and feel just like your own hair. These hairs can be treated like the normal hair and can be dyed, washed, dried, cut or styled in any manner you wish and these hairs last much longer than the synthetic ones.

Extensions for hair made with human Remy virgin hair are the most expensive and are used mostly by the celebrities who can afford the heavy price tag they carry. Remy hairs are those that contain the cuticles intact and are aligned in one direction just like the normal hair and this helps to make the hair look most lustrous, sleek and shiny.

One can opt for synthetic extensions if it is just a one-time affair and by those who do not wish to spend much on the human hair extensions. And those who wish to sport unique eye catching hairstyles especially during Halloween could use these synthetic hair extensions that are available in a variety of shocking and stunning colors.

Finally whatever type of extensions for hair you may use it is necessary to take good care of them to enable them to stay good for a longer period. And always buy from a reliable company. White Label Company are one of the most reliable seller of all hair extension types at wholesale rates. You can definitely find an extension that will suit you. They are working on larger scale, means you can rely them for the quality and price. As they are not only selling hair extensions themselves but also always ready to help people int starting their own business if interested.


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