Handmade jewelry and bows by GypsyStarsRVA

I recently came across an etsy store named “GypsyStarsRVA” selling Jewelry bows and handmade headbands. The designs, neatness and quality of work and color combinations were so amazing. I have hardly seen anyone giving so much attentions to such fashion accessories.And my praise extended even more when I came to know that these are actually handmade with love by adults with autism in RVA.


As someone who suffers from autism is considered to be a slow learner and needs more efforts and hard work to learn some craft. But in this case the owner Rachel has shown the abilities and skills and crafted such beautiful items to sell. So what’s the idea behind the store?

That’s what Rachel says ,

“I started this store to sell these amazing things that I learned to make in art/craft classes. It takes hard work and I’m a little slower than the average person but my abilities are just as strong as everyone else’s. I get to make so many amazing things and etsy allows me to share them with the world. According to my mom, selling my amazing jewelry and bows has been great for my self-esteem and building my confidence. Etsy allows me to show off my talent while raising money for fun activities we can all do together. ”

Amazing ! Such people are an inspiration. And when you will get to see the designs of the jewelry and bows you will feel this inspiration in those items as well.


Apart from quality, variety and designs price is another factor that will make you order these products. Prices are reasonable keeping in mind you are buying an artistic creation. Still thinking ? You don’t need to. Just visit the GypsyStarsRVA and you will surely end up ordering something for yourself or to gift someone.


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