Five Factors to Consider When Purchasing Best Human Hair Extensions

Brazilian Virgin Hair #613 Body Wave

Every time we were so expected what the super stars in Hollywood did to their hair. However, when you copyed a hair style and only to find it did not look as perfect on you as it did on your favorite star. To get the best look, you should consider your hair texture and face shape.

For a round face, in order to elongate the face, you need to wear long straight hair extensions. For a square shape face, just add sideswept bangs by laying from the chin to the collarbone. Some wavy or curly hair extensions can all work on any type of face as long as you can create a suitable hair style. But to enhance your hair look with these extensions, there are a lot of things need to be considered, so here hope this guide that contains some tips will help you those women who want to show their best face in front of frame.

Many of you are researching online for best hair extensions, they prefer sitting comfortablely at their own home to purchase online. I have been in human hair extensions wholesale area for years, the goal I write this article is to help you acquire quality information and understand hair extensions better, then to get the best ones, whether you are going to purchase online or in the local salon store.

Remy Hair

Remy hair extensions are made with 100% real human hair, they are the best ideal extensions whose hair cuticles face the same direction that will cause minimal or no tangling. Unless you specially need synthetic hair, or remy human hair is your best choice. Most sites that claim 100% remy human hair actually do not offer real remy hair extensions, they are deceiving customers.


There will be color difference when you decide to purchase online because computer screens vary. So it is difficult to match your own hair to a color shown on the jpg file. However, if you are purchasing from a store, you can use a color swatch, it will be very helpful to decide on which color to choose now.

Hair Quantity

You must know how much hair contained in each pack. If there is not very much in each package, the hair will not look that thick and full. Usually one pack of hair is 1 gram, but a lot of sites only offer 0.9 gram in each pack, so you must ask them before purchasing to avoid being cheated.

Customers Reviews

Before purchasing from a site you never have done business with before, make sure you do some research and find customers reviews about them. Not every hair dealer is perfect, if you want to do a deep cooperation with them, you need to know them better.


Whether the company offers you good customer service or not is an important factor to consider when you want to place a bulk order on their site. Do they have live chat or phone number, so that you can contact with them directly, will you feel no hesitation when they answer your questions and concerns? If so, the company may be trustable.

The things above all need to be considered when you are purchasing hair extensions, do not make a quick decision until you get them clear.


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