5 Most Common Hairstyling Myths Debunked


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If you’re going to be taking care of your hair properly on a regular basis, then there are some hairstyling myths that you might have already fallen prey too. It’s super easy to fall for these myths because so many people already believe them and promote them as truth. However, there are some common ones that the below article is going to address and de-myth. Keep reading to learn more and ensure the health of your hair!


  1. If Your Hair’s Looking Too Greasy, Then You Can Skip Conditioning Your Hair

If your hair looks way too greasy for some reason, then you might think it’s best to stop conditioning your hair for a while. However, this is no good for the health of your hair. Conditioner is super important for your hair to protect it against damage and make it shiny. If you stop conditioning, you are putting your hair at risk for getting damage or looking way too dull. If you’re worried about the greasiness of your hair, then skip your normal shampoo and go for a dry shampoo that’s going to help suck up some of that extra oil.

  1. Switch Shampoo Brands on A Regular Basis to Keep Them from Stopping Working

It’s been shown that there’s no evidence to suggest that your hair “gets used” to a certain brand of shampoo. However, your hair can use some clarifying shampoo at least once a week. This is going to give your hair a bit of a reboot and ensure that it’s staying as healthy as possible. However, no matter if you use that clarifying shampoo or not, it’s best to stick to one brand of shampoo that works for your hair’s specific needs. After you wash your hair, make sure to dry it with your new power dryer that you found at Oomphed.

  1. Washing Your Hair Too Regularly Causes It to Fall Out Eventually

Next up, we have one of the most unreasonable myths out there about caring for your hair. Many people buy into the myth that if you wash your hair too much, it’s going to fall out eventually. There is no evidence to back that one up, so if you’ve bought into this myth, then it’s time to stop believing in it. Washing your hair on a regular basis is a normal way to keep your hair healthy. On the other hand, you do want to ensure that you don’t shampoo your hair every day as this can cause your hair to lose the essential oils that keep it healthy.

  1. If You Cut Your Hair More Often, It’s Going to Grow Faster

If you cut your hair, this does not mean that it’s going to grow any faster. This is another big myth without any evidence to back it up. Your hair is going to grow at the same length, no matter what you try to do. However, while you do maintain the length of your hair and try to grow it, you should have your hair stylist cut off the ends to ensure it looks super healthy as it grows.

  1. You Should Cut Your Hair at Shorter and Shorter Lengths as You Get Older

If you think that every single woman over a certain age needs to chop off their hair, then you had better think again! There is no reason that a woman should get rid of her long locks as she gets older. Your confidence levels often hold a direct link to your hair and if you get rid of those amazing locks, you’ll probably end up missing them as soon as you cut them off.


There you have it! If you want to keep your hair nice and healthy, you’re much better off not believing in these common myths.


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