FitNewport Skinny Tea – Your Ultimate resource of Getting Fit and Beautiful

New Port SKinny Tea

With Newport Skinny Tea You can a slim and smart body, glowing skin and highest fitness level. Here is a glimpse of what you are offered

  • Enjoy unstoppable energy with my most popular quick & easy breakfast recipes
  • Break your sugar addiction once and for all with Simple low-sugar smoothies & snacks
  • Release unwanted fat and reduce inflammation without calorie counting by using my Mix & Match Meal prep system (never drive thru again)
  • Renew your glowing skin, hair and nails with daily beauty detox practices
  • Skyrocket your results in 5-10 minutes a day with the NST Wellness Mindset
  • The Drop a Dress Size Challenge with step by step instructions on what to eat and what to delete to drop a dress size in two weeks!

All this and much more at


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