Trendpay Saved my day !


It was my birthday last week and I had invited all my friends. So I was looking for something top quality to wear. My friends knows each apparel I have in my wardrobe so definitely I had to buy something new. But the main issue was I was on low budget as my pay wasn’t released yet. Searched through the net but the apparel and shoes within my budget were not top quality. And I had no money to buy some top branded stuff. Luckily I came across . They were offering top quality designers labels at affordable prices and best part is, in easy interest free installments.

A big waooo came out of my mouth. I wasn’t expecting something like that. It was so exciting to shop without full money in pocket. Now my target was to select something cool that will make me look like a princess on my birthday. Their were so many options that it made me confused which one to buy. So many top quality dresses in latest trends. Same was the case with shoes. Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Chinese Laundry, Tory Burch, Kenneth Cole and some other top quality brands were in the collection.

Finally a red floral lace maxi dress worth $89 won my heart. Selected a Prada high heels worth $199 with it. And I was able to purchase these two worth $288 by just paying first installment of $96. If I would have shopped in $96 that day I would have ended up buying low quality brands. But with Trendpay I was able to buy high quality brands by paying the low amount I had.

maxi dress
Red Floral Lace Maxi Dress

Trendpay made my day. All my friends praised me on birthday only because of them. So it made me blog about my pleasant experience with them and recommend them to my readers as well. If you are on low budget or don’t want to spend all your money upfront, you can shop through Trendpay.


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