Feel Like A Princess With Oh My Christine Jewelry


Sparkly tiaras, golden wands, and glass slippers, which little girl hasn’t played princess growing up? Pink fluffy dresses and flowing hair; tea time with her favorite dolls, many young girls dream of living happily ever after in a far off castle complete with a prince charming. While we’ve all since grown up, and had to banish such daydreams and face cold reality, Oh My Christine’s Jewelry brings us back to a happier time.

Beautiful, shiny, and delicate, Oh My Christine’s Jewelry brings out your inner princess. Her pieces are delicate, yet modern, and add just a touch of femininity to any outfit. With rings, necklaces, and earrings, her pieces are eye catching without being gaudy and dainty without being fragile.

Oh My Christine’s Jewelry reminds us that we are women in a world that often tries to make us forget. Strong, independent, and hard-working, women are out there conquering the corporate world. Women often feel the need to downplay their femininity in order to get ahead. Leadership, ambition, aggression, and competition are prized in our modern world, and women often forget that above all they are women, and they are beautiful. With Christine K’s dainty and simple jewelry, women can remember, reconnect and cherish their femininity.

We all have that one gorgeous girlfriend we need to buy a gift for, but already seems to have everything. The girl who truly appreciates beauty in the most simple of designs. For that girl, Oh My Christine’s jewelry would be the perfect gift that would truly be appreciated. A true work of art, her jewelry is classic and meaningful; the perfect touch to make any outfit shine.

For the boyfriends and husbands clueless at what to buy their girlfriend or wife, Oh My

Christine’s jewelry will make your girl’s heart melt. If you believe her when she says she doesn’t need you to get her anything, then boy you are truly clueless about women. Your woman will be dazzled by Oh My Christine’s jewelry, and a gift by her will definitely lead to a good ending to your night. Whether looking to dazzle and spoil your lady, or needing a gift asking for forgiveness, her jewelry is sure to do the trick. Her rings can also be customized in different gold and diamond colors, for those looking to personalize a ring perfect for their girlfriend’s specific tastes.

Oh My Christine’s rings can also be the perfect engagement ring for the gorgeous woman in your life who isn’t looking for an ostentatious and garish rock on her finger. Her rings vary in both color, cut and material, and include: dainty pink tourmaline, green amethyst, yellow berly, peach morganite, pear cut morganite, and smoky quartz amongst many.

Designer Christine K, is a true fashion lover, and graduated from the prestigious FIDM. She created her jewelry line to celebrate life’s beauty and elegance. This gorgeous fashionista understands women and does not seek to downplay the elegance of understated femininity. To visit her site and view her jewelry head over to- http://ohmychristine.com/.


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