Top Fashion Mistakes We Normally Do

fashion mistakes to avoid

As the seasons begin to change and summer starts to heat up, many women are pulling out their summer wardrobes or shopping to pick up new items. With summer trends being more daring than ever, most women want to try some new fashions out this year. However, women must be careful to avoid fashion blunders and should pick up timeless pieces that will work year after year.

One of the biggest trends this summer is the high low hem. It’s just like it sounds – the front of the dress is short, leading into a longer back. The length ranges from subtle to scandalous, and this look feels right for younger women. However, on a middle aged or older woman, this trend just looks too young and silly. Also, this looks feels very trendy, meaning that it probably won’t be around much past this year.

fashion mistakes to avoidAnother fashion trap to avoid is being sucked in by sales just to save money. Good quality clothing is often more expensive, and many times, shoppers get what they pay for. Trends come and go very quickly and often do not last the test of time. Picking out a few investment pieces, which will be worn many times for a number of years, is a great way to build a closet. That way, when the newest trends come out, shoppers can pick up a few cheaper products and not be upset when these looks go out of style.

Shoppers should also watch out for forgetting to accessorize their look. Often times, women spend so much time putting together an outfit that they forget to consider the shoes and jewelry that compliments the look. Also, women should make sure to consider the makeup, hair, and nail polish that would look the best with the style (and in the summer, a pedicure is a definitely must if wearing sandals). Although these seem like small details, planning out an entire outfit is a great way to look pulled together and avoid being a fashion don’t.

Above all, women should be smart shoppers this summer. Avoid the trends (or, don’t spend a lot of money on these trends), build up a classic wardrobe with solid pieces, and remember that adding accessories is an easy way to make an outfit look pulled together. Overall, shoppers should look forward to a great summer season and should definitely get out there and check out the holiday sales!


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