HCG Diet Protocol: 12 Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever diet plan you’re following to lose those excess pounds, incorporating healthy foods into your everyday diet is essential for your mental and physical well-being. HCG diet provides a well-defined protocol along with a detailed list of foods to consume and to avoid during the weight-loss program. This makes HCG diet easy to follow for weight-watchers who struggle to maintain rigor on their own.

Those who emerge successful from an HCG diet swear by its benefits and the importance of following each phase as directed. To give you an introduction, here is a list of questions asked most often by HCG diet followers who are new to the program.

Questions about HCG Phase 1 (Loading Phase)

Is it necessary to complete the loading phase?

Yes, it is very important to begin your HCG diet plan with the loading phase as this two-day period is critical to kickstart your body systems for the later phases. When you load up on fatty foods, you build reserves in your body that will come useful when you limit your calorie intake to 500 per day during phase 2.

Can I take junk food during the loading process?

You should ideally be taking healthy foods that are rich in fats, but feel free to indulge yourself with a serving or two of junk food. In fact, the protocol recommends consuming the most fat-rich foods available, such as cakes, mayonnaise, whipped cream, fried chicken, butter, chocolates and sweets.

How much fat should I consume during phase 1?

There is no minimum or maximum limit to the amount of fat you must consume during this time. Just eat as much as you can and enjoy each meal.

Won’t fat-rich foods harm my body?

It will all be taken care of during the weight-loss phase. The excessive eating in the loading period helps rebuild your normal fat and the HCG diet focuses on reducing the unhealthy fat deposits in your body.

You can expect to gain some weight during this time, but you can limit that by drinking plenty of water. Also, a light exercise routine such as walking and jogging will help you make the most of your HCG diet.

Questions about HCG Phase 2 (500-calorie Phase)

Can I have anything I want during phase 2, provided I don’t cross the 500-cal limit?

The original HCG diet protocol by Dr. Simeons lists certain foods that must be avoided when you’re on the HCG weight-loss program. There is scientific reasoning behind excluding these foods, so it’s better that you stick with the do’s and don’ts of the protocol.

Can I drink tea during phase 2?

Yes, you can, but substituting your regular milk tea with a good herbal tea will help cut calories and also bring you several health benefits. Opt for green tea from a good brand as it is known to enhance metabolism and thereby support weight loss.

What to do if I miss my taking HCG hormone?

This can happen to the most well-planned and organized dieters. If you missed your daily dose of HCG, you can still take it within the next couple of hours. If you forgot about it completely or did not have access to your HCG drops on a particular day, don’t worry about it and carry on with your regular HCG dosage from the next day onward.

Is alcohol intake permitted in HCG protocol?

You can take a glass of wine occasionally; the key is moderation. Many HCG dieters report that the feel-good factor induced by the strict dieting and intake of HCG hormone helps them in avoiding alcohol while they are on HCG diet.

I don’t believe I can sustain with a 500-cal daily diet. What to do if I see myself failing?

A low-cal diet does not mean you need to starve yourself. You just need to take foods that are satiating yet low in calories. You need to cook your meat differently and ensure that you are taking plenty of water. There are a number of tips and tricks to survive phase 2, and if you alter your mindset about meal portions, you can successfully complete this tough phase.

At the same time, it is natural to feel hungry in the initial few days while your body adapts to a low-calorie diet. You can take a natural appetite-suppressing supplement to get through this period.

What is the best way to cook meat for HCG diet?

You can cook your meats in whatever way you like, such as boil, roast, grill or cook in a non-stick pan. All you need is well-cooked meat—do not add any fattening ingredients such as oil or condiments.

Questions about HCG Phase 3 (Maintenance Phase)

When does phase 3 begin?

Phase 3 of HCG diet protocol begins after you have completed 2 days of loading phase followed by 23-26 days of low-calorie diet phase. This phase is four weeks long.

What is the recommended calorie intake during phase 3?

As you begin the maintenance phase, the goal is to maintain the weight loss initiated during phase 2. You need to gradually increase your calorie intake as follows. Week 1: Increase the portion of food items consumed during the previous phase and also add more fruits and vegetables to your meals. Week 2: Maintain a daily calorie intake of no more than 1100 calories; add new meats and cheese if you like.

Week 3: Increase calorie intake to about 1300 calories daily. Week 4: Increase the daily calorie count to 1500 calories without worry. Eat plenty of foods recommended for phase 3. Ideally, you should now be able to enjoy a variety of foods without gaining weight.

HCG diet works best for those who diligently follow the protocol and don’t break the rules. Some skeptics wonder does the HCG diet really work, but those who have lost hundreds of unwanted pounds by following this transformative program swear by its potential to induce fat burn in a systematic and proven fashion.



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