How long does fishing line last?

Imagine you are putting a lot of effort into catching this fine fish and all of a sudden something goes wrong – the fishing line snaps and your catch is gone! You are left feeling disappointed and blaming the fishing line. Many fishermen wonder whether finishing lines have any expiration date. So how long does fishing line last?

A detailed guide to finishing lines

There are several types of fishing lines among which the most popular ones are monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided ones. According to the manufacturers of all these finishing lines, they don’t have an expiration date. That, however, doesn’t mean that they last forever. Depending on what kind of finishing you do, lines are a somewhat inexpensive investment, but an important one. Let’s take a look at different types and what influences their life span.

Monofilament fishing lines

Monofilament is often made of nylon which makes them be the lines of the lowest quality. Why? They are very vulnerable to heat and UV sunlight. Fishing for long hours in salt water can also reduce the quality of mono lines. They should be replaced every 6 months or as soon as they start to curl.

Fluorocarbon fishing lines

One of the greatest advantages of fluorocarbon lines is that they are really hard to notice underwater. They also last longer than monofilament because they are not affected by the UV at all. Apparently, these lines can last for 2-5 years if stored properly and you have to replace them when they start to get hazy or lose their strength.

Braided fishing lines

This type of lines is the strongest because it consists of several strands of fiber which are woven together into one. They can last for 5 years on a reel and get through many fishing seasons, unlike the ones we previously mentioned.

How to make fishing lines last longer?

In order to prolong your fishing line life span, you should keep it in a dark and cool place. Another thing you have to pay attention to is to set the pole up properly because sharp edges can damage the fishing line. Respooling lines can make them last longer as well, especially braided ones. Finally, you should regularly check your fishing line.


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