Create ideas into real products with Iloiloh


Did you know you can earn good profit using your idea? Do you want to make a design even without any experience? Do you want to overcome the barriers behind it?

All answer is Yes! There are opportunities everywhere! Iloiloh can help you achieve these without spending any penny.

Iloiloh is a new platform which allows to create astonishing ideas into real products. The process is not hard and everybody can use the website even without investing a dollar. First thing to do is think of a concept which can be out of ordinary. It can be the alarm clock from your side table, your oversize pants, the latte you have had this morning, the blender which makes your life easier, or anything we’re using our daily lives. Think twice, think thrice. Finalize your idea. The best part of Iloiloh is you just conceptualize your design and they will do the rest.

So what can you do to make your design works with Iloiloh? After thinking the concept and finalizing your idea, signup to Iloiloh’s platform using your email address. Illustrate your concept by choosing the images which are posted in the board or you can upload your own. Don’t forget to add complete details about your idea and tell how it works. After giving all details, send your concept to Iloiloh and share your ideas in any of your social media accounts.

Thankfully, once the idea is submitted, Iloiloh will publish it onto the board and everyone can see your inspirational concept. When someone from the Iloiloh’s team of manufacturers and producers liked your idea, they will contact you. This will give you a good opportunity to make your concept into reality. There might be brainstorming sessions if your concept needs improvement. Once approved, it will be in production. The Iloiloh team will share to everyone if a concept has been selected and approved. There will be contract signing on both ends. And yes, you will earn royalties out of your designs!

There are already some ideas turned into products. One example is a LED coaster for a glass of champagne.  Take a look here,

Iloiloh truly believes that everyone has unique ideas. There are more opportunities now, than at any other point in time, for you to make something for your ideas. Make it happen now and unleash your creativity potential in you. As important as creativity and idea creation are, they require action before any idea will have real value. Get your ideas running and Iloiloh will do the rest.


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