5 Essential Bike Commuting Tips

Do you know how to start your day in the best way with your bike? By taking a ride with a bike. It saves money, time and improves your healthy life. You will feel happy and stress-free for day long. So what will you prefer to use in traveling? Riding a bike is really a comfortable journey. I think as you are reading this article, I think you are thinking to go for a bike ride in your workplace or any place you want to go. I think you are going for a good decision. Because with riding a bike you will enjoy a free and healthy ride. To help you to ride with grace, here are 5 essential bike commuting tips that will help you to take a smooth ride.


Tips for c:

These tips are simple but very effective if you follow it properly. Let’s have a look at the tips:

  1. Check the perfect route:

There are many routes that are direct route to your destination. But most of them are narrow and busy roads. Riding on those roads is not fun to ride for less space and the cars and trucks will not allow you to ride freely. Because the vehicles are careless and give a lot of anxiety. So when you are thinking to go for a ride than taking a map and mark your route. Make sure the route is safe and near to your destination.

  1. Know some bike riding signals:

There are some bike signals that you have to use with your hands. These signals will help you to have a safe ride when you are on a busy road. This signals will also help you to be noticed by other riders and drivers.

  1. Keep your dress wrinkle free:

When you are on the bike, it is obvious that you can’t ride with the suit or a jacket for your dinner date. So to keep them perfect ironed, hang them in a cloth bag and place it in a basket or a pan by rolling it. It will keep your dress wrinkle free and well packed. Try to attach a rack or basket to keep your cloth.

  1. Use lights on the bike:

Lights are not only for night rides. You have to use three LED light. It is for the safe ride. And when you are riding at dawn or dust, this light will help a lot.

  1.  Protect your bike:

There are some areas where your bike is not safe to keep. You have to use U-lock. Use the cable lock to make protection. When you park your bike, make sure there is an object that is not movable. Use u lock in between the seat tube and rear wheel, then take cable end and put through the front wheel and frame and lock the cable. It will help you to protect your bike from getting stolen.

Some bonus tips:

After giving some essential bike commuting tips, here are some special tips that will help on your bike ride. These tips are for three types of bike commuters.

All type commuters:

  •    You have to keep something on your bike to carry your essential things. A bag might not help because for this your clothes will not stay fresh. You can use the front rack that will help you in many ways. It is a cool idea.
  •    Use fenders when you are riding. It not only keep you safe from rain but also saves you from unwanted wreckage. Use helmet to stay protected and look cool.
  •    It is better to use different routes every day. It will help you know your ways in different routes.

Short type commuters:

These tips are for riding in cold weather.

  •    When you are in short distance and it is cold. Wear work cloth. There are some bike work clothes that are breathable and flexible. Try those. You will enjoy your ride.

Longer Commutes:

Now, these tips are important. Sometimes you have to go for miles and go up to hills. You have to take some measurements when you are out for a long bike ride.

  •    Use a bike wear when you are on for a long bike ride. Take a dry cleaner bag and keep your cloth safe and proper.
  •    When you are in your workplace, get your work cloth and change. You have to carry your work cloth daily because you can’t ride with your work cloth.
  •    To look fresh after the long ride, use fast wipe cloth and deodorant.

See what things you have to take care when you are on a bike ride. It is good for you. You will look fresh, be in time and will enjoy a sound health. So when you are thinking to use your bike to go to places that you have to follow this 5 essential bike commuting tips. This tips will help your ride safe and enjoyable. And there is one main thing if you go for a bike ride. That is your expense will get a lot decrease. If you own a car or a motorbike, you have to think about the gas expense, maintenance expense and lot more. It is a big deal because this expense is a big headache and the prices are not fixed. You will see the changes in a week or month. So bike ride is good for your health, mind and your expenses.


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