Nip and Fab Voucher Code Marketing. How Coupons Increase Sales of Fashion and Beauty Products


In this article, we look at how Nip and Fab, a supplier of beauty and body care products, has made use of coupons to promote new products and improve profitability.

Discount codes have gained increased usage in the digital marketing space. In addition to leveraging the coupons to promote new products and increase profitability, savvy online business owners like Nip & Fab, are using the codes to track customers, build affiliate relationships and much more.


Although the phrase coupon marketing was conceived in 1980, there is evidence of the existence of coupon marketing way before this. In the United States, in 1895, C. W. Post, a cereal manufacturer, used the first paper money-off coupons.

The use of digital coupons such as the ones used by in online shopping has seen tremendous growth since invention. This growth has seen consumers in the UK and Ireland save over £1 billion, a substantial amount by any standards especially since all that is needed is for a shopper to copy and paste the codes at checkout.

Investing in the customer

The use of coupon codes is a subtle way to build customer loyalty. Nip and Fab coupons are used to create a temporary surge in traffic and demand around a certain product. Customer loyalty creates more than proportionate lifetime value compared to the coupon cost.

On its part, Nip and Fab combines coupon marketing with other marketing techniques such as email marketing to build a strong, viable vehicle for increasing sales. Using this approach, Nip and Fab is able to use couponing to create brand loyalty since new and existing customers commit to brands that interest them the most.

Using Nip and Fab discount codes to get customers to opt-in

The use of coupon codes is a pretty handy tool for collecting customer details. Since customers have come to expect deals in their online shopping, having discount codes is not optional anymore. On the Nip & Fab website, the best customer conversions come from the homepage tab labelled “Get Discount Coupon”. When clicked, the email opt-in pops up and the customers submit their details. The coupon codes are then sent to their inboxes.

Using coupons to measure effectiveness of marketing

Redeemed coupon codes can be used to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By applying different codes for different placements, Nip & Fab voucher codes become a valuable tool for tracking where the users found the coupons thus making it easy to track the ads, communication, and marketing vehicles which are delivering results.

Before the evolution of the internet, discount coupons were in the form of paper certificates of redemption. Today, digital coupons, like the ones by Nip & Fab, are widely used in online shopping during checkout. Digital coupons can be distributed through newsletters, Facebook posts, and tweets. Nip & Fab also offers free standard UK delivery on orders over £10.


Nip and Fab coupons give this company a much bigger opportunity for creative digital marketing. Since consumers are so used to the coupon craze, the adoption of the paper coupons marketing into modern digital marketing will increase traffic to your site and conversion rates.


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