Some rules that you should remember while buying logger boots for your use


Logging or wood cutting is a dangerous job, and you need to take right kind of safety gears are crucial for this work. In this list of safety gears, we can add a number of objects including logger boots. But many people do not know what are logger boots or how to buy it. If you are in the same situation, then keep reading, and you will find tips to buy these boots in a smart manner.

Steel cap: When you buy logger boots, protection of your feet need to be the most important feature for anyone. Most of the loggers hurt their toes in the line of work. But loggers boot comes with steel cap protection for the toes and fingers. So, when you buy it, check the steel cap strength and buy one that is durable enough to protect you from any accident.


In many cases, loggers work in tougher environments that include muddy areas as well. If your boots are not waterproof, then it will be bad for your feet’s, and you may end up having various problems. Most of the logger boots are waterproof, but still, it is a good idea that you check this feature before buying it.Build quality: Build quality is another important factor that you should evaluate while purchasing boot for logging work. You should choose a boot that has good quality leather, better stitching and excellent craftsmanship in it. Better build quality will allow you to use the boots for a longer period and it will help you in your work as well.


In your logger boots, make sure you pay minute attention to the comfort part as well. If your boots are comfortable for you, then you will be able to wear it for the entire day, and you will be able to do more work as well. And when we talk about comfort then it means you should have enough space in the toe area, it should have proper cushioning and it should have a proper fitting as well for you.

Lower heel:

Some logger boots come with high heels which are not a good thing. In this work, you need stability and exceptionally high heels will only reduce your balancing capability. Therefore while choosing a boot, experts always advise you to select one that has solid, but lower heels. It will provide more stability to you, and you will stay safe while working.

Along with above factors, you should always give preference to a reputable brand over a non-trusty boot maker. Choosing a reputable brand is important because they invest enough time and energy for the testing of their boots before selling it and that will offer the best protection as well to you.


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