Comfortable and Luxurious Kaatmado Sports Towel

Katmadoo has recently launched their funky sports towels. Perfectly made with fine, anti-bacterial microfiber material. The towels are soft, stretchy, water absorbent. The towel will not only keep you dry but also will keep you style. Beautiful prints and designs as per modern trends. It will be your perfect companion in sports, travel, yoga, beach or any other such activity.

The towel is uniquely designed and will give you a cool and unique look. It’s made from fine and soft material so it will bring freshness and comfort to your body. No matter what you are doing, yoga practice, exercise, laying on the beach or traveling to a hot place, it will keep you dry, neat and clean throughout the activity. Even if you are doing some intense workout or some kind of activity that would result in sweating, it will absorb the perspiration and keep your dry and fresh. You will stay odor free with this towel, that’s guaranteed.


The towel has reinforced borders and a hanging hook so will be easier to keep it anywhere. And due to its find material there isn’t ay need to iron it as well. Its easy to wash as well. There are different prints available, so you can choose the one that attracts you or suits your activity. Although its a towel but don’t look like an ordinary towel. You can put it on as fancy top or use as turban or to add colors into your simple dress. Although its specially designed for women but it can suit on kids as well.

As far as price is concerned, its reasonable and compare to what qualities the towel is offering its highly affordable. It can be a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. You can select the design of your choice from



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