Get Your Mom Organized and Help Other Moms on Mother’s Day

Sophie Mae Style

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you’re like any other perpetually busy person, you may have forgotten to secure a gift for the number one woman in your life. While some of you are scrambling to put the finishing touches on your gift for mom, others are scrambling to find one that says, “I planned this gift months in advance.” So for this upcoming Mother’s Day, give your mom a gift that’s unforgettable using the styling services of Sophie Mae Style.

Stylist and fashion blogger, Sophie Mae Style, has a plethora of fun and hands on options that make the perfect gift for mom. In the ever-changing world of fashion, Sophie Mae Style can help your hard-working mother reclaim her spot in the world. On top of making her daily life more stress free, the closet purge has another benefit: Sophie Mae Style donates your gently worn pieces to moms in need!

Based in Orange County, CA and the greater Los Angeles area, Sophie Mae Style offers in-home closet updates, an intimate and overall beneficial service for the client with a full closet of nothing to wear. Sophie Mae Style offers three styling packages to choose from, each with hands-on lessons on how to enhance and maximize any wardrobe. The full package is the perfect gift for any busy mother, as the experience via Sophie Mae is entirely personalized to fit the needs of the client. Sophie Mae Style will also help your mother determine which pieces of her wardrobe to hold onto and which to toss (Or donate to the charity closest to her heart).

When was the last time your mother has sorted through her time capsule of a closet? Do you really need so many blazers? Spending a Sunday afternoon cleaning out your mom’s closet with someone as knowledgeable as Sophie Mae Style is an invaluable way to strengthen your bond with your mother and increase the bonds of sisterhood among the women in your community.

Fashion and charity have always gone hand-in- hand as two areas of global enhancement. Well- versed in charitable donations, Sophie Mae Style uses every closet clean-out as an opportunity to donate to less fortunate women. It’s not easy to create and maintain a well-organized closet while remaining a functioning and fashionable woman in the world. This Mother’s Day, show your mom she did her job of raising an empathetic and well-rounded child, and enlist Sophie Mae Style! You can find more details on each specific styling package, as well as how-tos and styling advice at Sophie Mae Style’s blog-


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