How to find a perfect life partner

find a perfect life partner
Some people have a great relationship with a life partner. They have been happily married (or having been living with another) for quite some time; things are just perfect; and the living together flows like it travels on those fast trains: comfortably, efficiently, and bump-less. If you are one of them, well… Congratulations! With so many broken hearts flying all around, you may feel like you have won the lottery.
And perhaps you have. Now, why is it that some people are so luck in finding the perfect life partners while the rest of us need to struggle to keep a somewhat satisfactory but troublesome relationship afloat? It doesn’t seem fair.
In fact, it is not fair. We all deserve to have the most magnificent partner and the most blessed partnership, no matter who are. There is however, the matter of attraction, you know. I am talking about the Law of Attraction.
Even unbeknownst to those “lucky” fellows, the only reason they beat us into finding the perfect partner is that they think “right” and therefore their vibrations are raised and aligned to the energy of the universe. They have attracted and manifested the perfect life partner.
Now, of course, before they manifested the perfect life partners, they must have known what they were looking for. Without an idea or a plan, finding a suitable suitor is short of a miracle. Not that miracles don’t exist. They do, and they happen all the time.
But miracles are nothing more than the perfect vibration and the perfect alignment with cosmic energy. So, that means that all of us can perform miracles all the time. And we know this because we have proof of their existence all the time. We need not go far to realize that.
For instance, think of when you were driving and by a miracle you avoided a potentially fatal accident. You may think of miraculously healing when all hope had already died, miraculously receiving money that you needed to pay for something; or miraculously receiving help when you needed it the most. And so on.
In fact, it is really not that hard to find the perfect life partner once you put you “right” mind to it. Here is what you do:
1. Write down all everything to begin with. When we write things downs we are already in our way to manifesting. Write by hand for the hand is connected with your heart.
2. Write all the attributes, characteristics, qualities, and so on that you want in your partner. Leave room for unexpected surprises. For instance, you want a “Prince Charming” but will do very well with a real person.
3. Make a plan on how you will go about meeting this person. I had a friend who said that his wife would show up at his door. Lo and behold, one “boring” Saturday evening, this girl knocks at his door holding a bunch of flowers. It was love at first sight. It so happens that the girl was on her way to a dinner party and knocked at the wrong door.
4. Think the “right” thoughts. Remember that whatever you put out there will come back to you like a boomerang. Use your affirmation cards. They will put you in the way of sending positive vibes and aligning your thoughts.
5. Be open to receive and experiment. Perhaps the person that comes to you at first is not the perfect person, but you need them to prepare for the real one. Think of Eliza Doolittle. She wouldn’t have married Freddie speaking the way she did originally.
6. Bless whoever is on their way to you. Surround them with light.
7. Be grateful that the perfect life partner is coming to you.
8. Trust that the universe only wants you to be completely and incandescently happy. Expect miracles.
Manifesting your perfect life partner is easier than you think. Go for it!