Two Ways Aget Concept Breaks the Status Quo of Luxury Online Retail



In 2016, when online retail consistently out-competes brick-and-mortar, customers have their choice of digital destinations to purchase new fashion. With some minimal information and a few clicks, myriad online boutiques will deliver high-end, designer items right to your door. It can be difficult to choose one over another with so many retailers offering nearly identical selections, often at similarly high prices. A new, online platform called Aget Concept, however, aims to break the status quo. By bringing the most unique pieces from established, growing, and up-and-coming designers to one place, Aget Concept creates a unique shopping experience for its customers. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind way to get your fashion fix, here are two reasons you should shop with Aget Concept.

A curated selection of distinct pieces.

With designers from Italy, India, Brazil, France, and the U.K., Aget Concept searches the world to find designers whose passion and individual perspective translates into their clothing. Their featured designers include Antonio Marras, whose love for statement-making silhouettes and eye for bold patterns and texture combine to make elegantly eccentric pieces. Other featured designers, like Juju Affonso Ferreira and Maya Pope of ISOLDA, translate their Brazilian upbringing into beautifully patterned and vividly colored pieces. It’s this caliber of designer that elevates Aget Concept’s selection above the rest.

A dose of fashion inspiration.

Aget Concept believes that creativity drives style. With an editorial column featuring up-and-coming artists, shows, designers, and more, they provide their customers with an inspiring cultural experience in addition to their exceptional offering of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Designed for forward-thinking fashion lovers who value creativity and originality in what they wear, Aget Concept aims to inspire its customers by featuring stunning items they can’t find anywhere else.

From designer discovery and selection to packaging and delivery, Aget Concept stands out from its online retail counterparts as the best destination for remarkable, stand-out pieces. Customers looking for a refreshingly unique selection of fashion should visit the platform at to learn more.



Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Renae Getlin
Phone: 310.734.6848


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