The Allure of Vintage Dresses

The Allure of Vintage Dresses

While fashion changes almost daily, the rule that everything old is new again certainly applies to vintage dresses. Stars on the red carpet have popularized vintage dresses as the hottest trend, and fantastic vintage designs are showing up at proms, formal dances, and parties across the country.

There are two main ways to get the look of vintage dresses- you can either purchase high quality vintage dresses or you can purchase reproductions of vintage designs. Thanks to the increased popularity of vintage gowns, it is increasingly easy to find great vintage dresses online and in stores. You can find a vintage dress for almost any occasion- while vintage party dresses are in high demand, brides are selecting vintage wedding dresses and fashionistas are looking for business suits in vintage style.

The simple and elegant design of many vintage dresses makes them very easy to wear in a number of settings. They are both attractive and functional, and allow you to play with hairstyles and makeup to create a look that suits your style and personality. One of the biggest reasons that women choose vintage dresses is for the unique femininity they offer. Vintage designs were created to enhance the feminine elegance of the wearer, and many women find that they feel more beautiful in a vintage design.

When you start looking for a vintage dress, there are a few things you should know. A vintage dress is, of course, used and should be examined carefully for damage that cannot be easily repaired. A torn seam is easy to fix, but a large tear will be noticeable even after it is repaired. Another thing to consider is the sizing of vintage dresses. If you are searching online for a dress, you need to make sure to look at the actual measurements instead of the numbered size on the dress. Many vintage dresses were made at a time when garment manufacturer’s standards weren’t the same, so a “size 8” could mean almost anything. If the measurements of the dress aren’t posted, be sure to ask the seller before your purchase. In most cases, vintage dresses will not have extra fabric that will allow them to be altered to a larger size, and many designs will not look good if altered to a smaller size.

The good news is that many extremely trendy vintage dresses can be purchased for a bargain price. After you find a dress, be sure to get the full effect- purchase stockings that match the era, find shoes that look like they go with the dress, look for a vintage purse, and you may even want to find a matching hat or hair accessory. If you plan to wear a vintage design, you don’t have to look like you’ve stepped out of an old magazine. The idea is to add a modern twist to the dress to make it your own. You can use a modern yet retro hair style that suits your face, and do your makeup in a more modern way that still compliments your dress. The idea is to have fun with a vintage dress and make it your own. Whatever style you choose, you will be sure to stand out from the crowd in a vintage dress.


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