Interview with Co-Founders of USOM

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
U Slept On Me LLC was established in Los Angeles in 2016 by co founders Erica Bigger and Melanie Powell, from Baltimore, MD. I graduated from college with a dual degree and study abroad in fashion and business. I have worked in the entertainment and fashion business for the last 15 years. -Erica

I studied mechanical engineering and mathematics at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA and then went on to become a stylist after running two successful boutiques there. I transitioned to L.A. and became a union costume designer where I still work on set seasonally as USOM is growing. -Melanie

What’s behind the name U Slept On Me LLC?
In 2016 we were sitting in LA as two educated, young black women with extensive backgrounds in fashion. Even with living in a major city ,we still could not get hired for jobs in our industry and it had become somewhat discouraging after applying to hundreds of jobs each week ¬†and not hearing anything back. We were having a conversation about how we felt “Slept On” in the fashion industry and really feeling overlooked and undervalued, the underdog. It inspired us to create an apparel brand that day…however we had to build it as a business first.

What are your key products?
Our key products are hoodies, t shirts, hats, and sweatpants, and bodysuits right now.

What about your price tag? Prices are affordable?
Our prices are affordable and most definitely reasonable for the quality that you are getting.

What about shipping? You ship to only some particular areas?
Answer: We ship most places. Almost worldwide but not quite. We are available to most major countries.

How do you walk the line between being unique and having commercial appeal?
Answer: We always try to stay ahead of the curve simply because that’s our personal style as well. We want something different but we also know that it has to be wearable, so that’s how we mix the unique and commercial appeal when it comes to our creations appealing to our customer.

Is it hard to stay innovative?
It can be hard to stay innovative but we let things come to us in avery natural and organic way, so when you think about that its not that h

Do you stay active on social media as well? What’s the best place to follow you?
Answer: We are very active in social media. We actually hope to become more active! We are most active on our Instagram @usleptonme, Pinterest usleptonme and Facebook USOMbrand; However we use LinkedIn, etc


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