How to avoid wearing boring jeans

Jeans are comfort wear and nothing can equal your favorite pair in terms of versatility. Yet, everything gets monotonous. You must have worn your jeans at least a hundred times? And these days you see around you how people are quickly ditching their jeans for other pieces? Wouldn’t you want to try those sexy women dresses or grab some jumpsuit online? A look at the online stores is enough to tell you how many things are quickly replacing jeans. Leggings online are even being termed as the most versatile bottom wear!

Time for you to switch too! Here is a guide for the girl who has religiously stuck to her jeans.



These totally make jeans and tops redundant. And add to that the comfort level too. Your jeans can’t equal this piece of apparel when it comes to comfort. Jumpsuits are pants and top attached. It is inspired by the overalls that workers wore or the prisoners. Sounds strange but the style is extremely chic. Slip into a nice printed or monochrome jumpsuit and you won’t have to worry about anything else. They give you enough room to breathe at the same time making your silhouette look flattering. You can find a wide variety of jumpsuit online to choose from.



Dresses are really the coolest attire ever. Recently I prefer slipping into a comfy dress than a pair of jeans. My legs really need to breathe during the summer. Women dresses come in such a huge variety. And the best part, you get dresses made of denim too. Good news for the jeans lover, no? If you don’t like tight, polyester dresses, go for loose cotton types. You can even opt for a maxi dress that spells comfort. You can find all sorts of dresses if you look up any online store. The collection is crazy.


Leggings are becoming as versatile as jeans and equally popular. Many people who wore jeans are now switching to leggings. Leggings are just like jeans only the material is different. The material is stretchy and comfortable. The leggings sit effortlessly on your legs and make you look taller if worn with long or medium length tops. The leggings allow freedom of movement unlike jeans that sometimes restrict free movement. Leggings are all skinny. They come in a variety of colors and prints.


grey leggingThe printed leggings online are so attractive you will feel like buying all. Even though leggings have been inspired by the British people, in India leggings are most popularly worn with traditional attired like kurtis. You can pair a solid color legging with any printed top and a printed legging will make your boring one color top look trendy. Ankle leggings are the trendiest thing right now.

As you can see making the transition from jeans to other bottom wear is not difficult.  Even fashion designers are no more using the jeans. I talked about some alternatives like the women dresses. There are many more types like the chic palazzo or the hybrid jeggings that are equally popular. Jumpsuit online and leggings online are some of the biggest trends of this year.


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