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Social media stars are taking over mainstream media. Instagram musicians are having record labels clamor to sign them, Vine comedians are asked to be guests on television shows and red carpets, and fashion and beauty vloggers are sitting front row at Fashion Weeks across the globe. At the helm of this social media boom, these types of influencers are cultivating a new form of culture, which is changing the way we digest content. Magazine, television, and radio programs are slowly becoming obsolete due to apps (like Pandora, Sirius XM, and Spotify) and the emergence of online magazines, blogs, vlogs, etc. This new era coined the digital age has given the voiceless a voice and has made content a more instantaneous, uncensored, and relatable form of journalism/media.

Hauls.com is a new social shopping platform that has integrated social media aspects with broadcast journalism, marketing, and sales, to create a forum to shop products directly from influencers. The process to be a Hauls.com vlogger is easy. Interested vloggers will submit three of their already created video links, which will generate a Hauls.com profile page.

Upon review of the profile page, Hauls.com will then either accept or deny access to become a Hauler. This allows vloggers to upload videos and organically provide information to their fans and followers on products where they can directly purchase from their profile page/Hauls closet. Through this organic way of promoting products, Hauls.com offers better commission packages to Haulers than other competitors, due to their direct affiliations with top beauty and retail fashion brands.

Hauls.com has equipped their Haulers with all the tools needed to succeed. Apart from providing analytics for determining sales of products, viewership, and premium content alternatives, they also provide an easy way to navigate content creation page. In addition, Haulers have access to direct and indirect affiliations for over 40,000 beauty and retail fashion brands. Hauls.com believes that 3-5% of a vloggers fan base can become shopping super fans that can increase the Hauler’s overall commission and closet value. Haulers are still able to post on other social media pages, where they can promote their Hauler page to their already established following and fanbase.

Hauls.com isn’t just about business, they take pride in their Haulers and cultivate their potential. Haulers have been known to visit popular award shows, Beautycon events, and even travel around the country for unique opportunities. Becoming a Hauler isn’t just an experience, it’s a lifestyle, and an excellent way to grow your personal brand. The perks, as well as the financial possibilities provided by Hauls.com, allot’s for the opportunity to propel a hobby into a career.

Hauls.com is a one-of-a-kind platform that is revolutionizing the online shopping scene. To learn more information about this amazing new venture please visit, http://hauls.com.

Company name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Destanye Baldwin
Email: Copywriter@CouturePublicRelations.com
Phone: 310.734.6848
Website: www.CouturePublicRelations.com


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