Let’s meet a highly skilled fashion designer “Farrah Hines”

Farrah Hines

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We recently interviewed Farrah Hines, a very experienced and highly talented fashion designer in LA. She recently worked as wardrobe designer for the movie “All Out Dysfunktion”. We had a chat with her about her professional career and also about her recent experience in the movie.

Mazedar: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into Fashion Industry?
Farrah Hines:  I came to LA as a break-dancer from Sacramento in the late 90’s.  I had big dreams of being the next  “Solid Gold ” dancer. Which coincidentally, propelled me into a community of starving artists.  They helped me get signed with managers and agents to start booking Hollywood gigs. I joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1999.  After booking a Las Vegas convention modeling job, I realized Vegas was going to be my new home.  As a dancer, it was the perfect environment.  You could audition for glamorous shows, travel the world with international productions all while maintaining healthcare benefits from the casinos.  So, Viva Las Vegas, I’m here to stay. That paved the way to become an Entertainment Director on the world famous “Las Vegas Strip”.  I was in charge of developing brands such as Coyote Ugly, Hooters, NFL and Coors. I believe my bold expression in design has opened more opportunity for me to branch into film, producing and wardrobe for the roller coaster of a ride in, “All Out Dysfunktion”.

Mazedar: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Farrah Hines: Life to me is a show.  Love, pain, happy times and tragedy all require a fashion related dialog.  My favorite part about being a designer is that each blank slate can become the object of your expression.  My work has been influenced by old Las Vegas shows, hip hop, country, glitz and glam, 40’s Cotton Club, 50’s burlesque, 80’s rock , 90’s pop.  My new challenge is men’s fashion.  My time with AOD has pushed me to expand and dress more male models and actors.  For me, men’s fashion is not as easily defined as women’s fashion. A man’s wardrobe makes him, says the kind mood he is in.  His attire dictates how he wants to be acknowledged when he walks into a room.  A woman can change moods through out the day.  A mans fashion choices seem to vary within his individualized “style”.  A woman’s wide range of style can vary based on her “mood”.

Mazedar: You worked as Wardrobe Designer in “All Out Dysfunktion! “. How was your experience?
Farrah Hines: My experience on AOD was an absolute dream come true.  Sitting at the table reads, hearing the characters, watching them develop and transform right before my eyes and ears is how I was able to produce and style each individual character based on Dave and Ryan’s visions.   40+ actors a few hundred extras and a super Dysfunktional rave scene was a challenge that every party in my 20’s prepared me for.  It was a masterpiece of a rave party with world famous DJ’s, candy kids and a large population of patrons with glow sticks. Dave’s vision for this sexy scene was a challenge I was absolutely up for.

Mazedar: What was the inspiration behind working on your first film? How was it different from your work in Las Vegas?
Farrah Hines: I first met David Bianchi at an audition for the role of “Carla” in another show David was producing and got the job!  So, when AOD began casting, I was offered to audition for cast.  And coincidentally “Carla” had a very small repeat role in AOD.  I then asked Dave if he would consider me on the production team, behind the scenes (doing what I love…fashion)!  David talked with his partners, the amazing and talented Ryan Le Masters and the witty Christina Jo’Leigh and they agreed, and so my journey began!  I did have one stipulation.  Give me direction.  Then leave me alone!  I am a one-stop shop and I always come ready to produce an excellent product for the team and cast members.  I believe the talent is at their best when they love how they look.  Hollywood and Las Vegas are two completely different animals.  These two cities vary in speed, dialog and fashion. However, when the curtain comes up or the director says “action”, it is SHOWTIME.

Mazedar: After such a great experience, any future plans of working for films?
Farrah Hines: After AOD, I am spoiled!  My first feature film experience was with a rowdy bunch of talented, young, independent artist.  They created this film with creative freedom and a bold expression.  I was asked to join an amazing movement.  I am just beginning in film.  It is my new love. You can also share my love by watching this movie.

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Mazedar: You have been in Fashion industry for the last 15 years. What’s your best project/venture so far?
Farrah Hines : I am a Las Vegas showgirl at heart.  I love Las Vegas.  For over 15 years, every December since 2001, Bar Rockin’ Divas brings a large inter-active party to the world renowned, Wranglers National Finals Rodeo, (sponsored by Coors), to entertain over 1 million loyal rodeo fans annually, with an ice cold beer.  I hope my relationship with Coors never ends.  My new ventures with Exertion films have offered me a separate and fulfilling option to creative fashion and design.  I know that my time with Exertion is only beginning with new and larger budgets and projects in the very near future.

Mazedar: What has been one of the biggest achievements in your career so far?
Farrah Hines:  I don’t believe I have experienced my largest achievement yet.  I have so much more to see and do.  But AOD was a huge growing experience.  Each project is a stepping-stone for that BIG THING.  Whatever that BIG THING is.

Farrah Hines fashion designer
Photo by Darrin Van Gorder

Mazedar: Do you follow the fashion trends or try to create one of your own?
Farrah Hines:  I am an amateur on fashion labels.  Growing up with a single mom, fashion was made, not bought.  I like to design my own show costumes from scratch.  I sketch my own designs.  When I am shopping for wardrobe on films, I am shopping low budget to make it look like a million bucks.  Unless the character calls for high-end wardrobe, it can be created minus the label.  If given the opportunity to have big budget freedom, I would take my shopping to high ends stores. However, knowing me, I would be in the back of the store on the clearance rack. Getting a quality garment for a super low price gives me butterflies in my belly. A 90% off sticker feels like, I stole it!

Mazedar: What would be your best piece of advice to upcoming Fashion Designers?
Farrah Hines:  A-Z has always been my business model.  I always see creative friends that have creative ideas.  But they spend a lot of time creating and never seeing the project to completion. If you want to be successful, you must begin with A and it’s not done until Z.  There are lots of creative ideas.  There are tons of “creative people”.  The people that are successful won’t stop until those creative ideas are completed and brought to life.  Starting a project, watching it build, then following through until it’s completed is what will separate the doers from the dreamers.  If you have big dreams,  make those dreams come true!

Mazedar: Readers of our fashion mag would like to follow you. Are you on social media?
Farrah Hines:  If you ever wanna check me out, click on these website below.  It will keep you up to date on recent events and contact information.

Instagram: @farrahhinesdiva
Thanks so much for chatting with me.
Farrah Hines


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