Felipe Kamey on Road to An Established Internet Persona

Felipe Kamey-2

Felipe Kamey known from his popular page “That one guy with glasses” started his first page in early 2011. In the start he used it just to post funny memes and content to make people laugh at and have fun. Later on he went on to improve it and the result is in front of us.
He is a very hard working person who have given it all to make people laugh and to have fun through his pages and posts. That’s only due to his dedication and talent that within no time his facebook page went viral and his fan following is increasing day by day. Currently there are 130K+ likes on his facebook page . The way he is going it seems within a few months he will hit 1 million.

Once he took over the social media, he started to blog. He love to write about anything, but mostly he covers news and anything that’s happening around the world. Readers do enjoy when he debunk other websites or “call out” people on the things they have said that turn out to be completely inaccurate. That’s why his blog has become successful through trial and error.

And we got to know he might be starting a YouTube channel in near future. A good news for his fans, now he will be entertaining you with his videos as well. The thing I loved about him, he works to bring smiles on the faces of people. He don’t work for money, probably that’s his secret to success. To checkout more about Felipe Kamey you can visit www.felipekamey.com


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