Some Cool Artistic Apparel Designed by White Soul Company

white sould apparel

The White Soul Company is a UK based, alternative and artistic lifestyle apparel designers and sellers. They hand print all their hand drawn designs directly onto luxury 100% Organic Cotton Shirts, using only high quality solvent-free inks. Hand printing their garments gives each shirt complete authenticity, so your shirt is completely original to you! They like to do this because, after all, no ones the same – so why should your clothing be?

The best thing about White Soul company is that they like to encourage the artist deep down in all of us and love to support creative and artistic communities – opening the world to expression and artistic outlooks. They also highly support Fair Trade and Equal workers rights at the sources of their cottons.

By creating such designs for us they are surely achieving their goalĀ  to bring to us a unique, outgoing and high quality clothing apparel with interests in supporting the economic responsibilities of the modern world.white soul apparels

You can visit to view their small collection of current products. Or you can find them on Facebook/Instagram @thewhitesoulco to keep up to date with new releases and up and coming products.

And their is another surprise for you. They are offering a flat 10% discount on all their apparel. Just enter this code: WHITESOUL to receive 10% discount off your order. And you can buy it from wherever you are as They Ship Worldwide.


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