Bohemian Sophistication for the Uptown Girl

Lavanya Coodly bohemian style

With the warm winds of summer approaching, women everywhere are transitioning to long flowing sundresses and chic sunglasses. In these hotter months, the desire to shed our polyester and acrylic blend for smooth silks and breathable cotton must be fulfilled. That’s where designer Lavanya Coodly comes in.

With a collection of bohemian pieces for the sophisticated woman with a free-spirit, Lavanya Coodly designs her garments using only natural fabrics, often intricately hand woven and detailed by hand. The pieces are chic and versatile, ranging from evening gowns to simply adorned poolside tunics. Effortless levels of cool are achieved when donning a Coodly creation.

Today’s woman is gracefully gliding from work to play, making a lasting impression on everyone along the way. In either intricate beadwork designs or flattering silhouettes, the Lavanya Coodly woman is confident, sexy, and downright enchanting in her luxurious apparel. Her look is practical yet surprising, because women are complex creatures and they deserve to be represented as such.

Lavanya Coodly

The daring woman is accommodated with rich tones of the season, from azure blue to sea foam green to delicate violet. Each option is presented in neutral shades as well, so if you’re captivated by the flowing, silk of Lavanya Coodly’s Arabela dress, but unsure about the multicolored print, you can opt for the equally beautiful black version. (Though the blended brush strokes of the multicolored bayadere pattern are truly gorgeous, they are not for the faint of heart.) What’s even more captivating is the practicality of the pieces: Even the most beautifully stitched silk evening gowns have hidden pockets for the minimalist woman on the go.

A bohemian lifestyle is a coveted one; one of leisurely walks on the beach with the sunset expertly lighting your surroundings. There’s nothing more satisfying than having your clothing flow with you, flattering each curve as it bellows in the breeze. Lavanya has the modern woman in mind with her designs. Fully understanding that there’s nothing more discouraging or uncomfortable than envisioning yourself in a stiff cocktail dress or pant suit. She breathes new life into the classic A-line silhouettes and creates a body-conscience fit appropriate for women of all ages.

Every woman wants the simplicity and approachable look of a beach dweller, while still practical for the everyday. Luckily, Coodly allows women caught up in the hustle and bustle of the work force to showcase their bohemian roots. So whether you’re swinging by the Tiki bar after work or meeting your girls for a spa night, Lavanya Coodly offers alternative styles for every classic yet unconventional fashionista. To marvel in the hand crafted creations of Lavanya Coodly, visit her online boutique-


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