Nic Nassuet “The King of Gothic Folk” or “The Style Guru”

Nic Nassuet is Emmy winning musician, singer, songwriter and award winning filmmaker who is also know as “The King of Gothic Folk”. There is no doubt he is mister perfectionist. He never does anything half heartily. Gives everything to whatever he do. But he has been noted recently for his fashion on red carpets. He attends high end events both in Hollywood, and in Rome for the Vatican and film festivals in Europe and Asia. And that’s the reason we have picked him for the personality of this week in fashion and styling category.

Always dressed up in something cool and stylish. He has been the the limelight of the parties, particularly on the stage and red carpets. It’s pretty hard to style yourself efficiently according to the occasion. But Nic got naturally gifted style sense. That’s the reason he never fails to impress with his colorful attire.

We have been following him from last few months and got impressed with his diverse sense of style. He not only style himself as per event but also seems to be matching the theme of that function. Meanwhile we have noticed another thing. Due to his colorful attire he have become a favorite personality of the Photographers. That’s why he can be noticed in so many red carpet pictures with other co-artists.

It was hard to crack whether it’s charisma of his colorful personality or his sense of style that’s making him a popular person on stage or on red carpet. But finally we have come to the conclusion that it’s his sense of styling himself that’s adding color to his personality as well.

Keeping all that in mind we would suggest him to get into styling biz. He can be a perfect Style Guru to style others for red carpet and such events. It’s hard to get attractions at red carpet and Nic is an expert in that. So we would suggest Nic Nassuet  to finally become think about it, you can be the perfect  “Style Guru”.



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