What Is Murumuru Butter? Why Is It So Beneficial to You?


Murumuru butter is the extract of the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru, a palm originally growing in Amazon Rainforest vegetation in Brazil. Like the fruit of the Astrocaryum murumuru which contains great amount of nutrition, the Murumuru butter is also highly versatile. The butter has a pale yellow creamy texture with fresh and sweet nutty smell. It is very emollient and moisturizing as well. More importantly, it contains great vitamins A and vitamin C as well as Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 and other different kinds of acid elements such as myristic acid, oleic, palmitic and linoleic acids. Therefore, it was traditionally used by the local people for hair protection and soften. But nowadays, Murumuru butter is one of the most popular organic ingredients in the cosmetic industry in the world. It is mostly applied in the hair care products and skin care products. Besides, it is also widely used in the soaps, lipsticks and all kinds of lotions.

Why is the benefits of Murumuru butter?

The most essential reason why Murumuru butter is good for people as we mentioned is because it contains many neutrinos elements as victims A and C and Omega acids, which could help building and reconstructing your hair and skin. For your hair, Murumuru butter could help moisturising the dry, defining curls and controlling frizz. While for the skin, it could help reducing the ageing and maintaining your skin in young condition. It could help cure the eczema or psoriasis as well. Above all, if you have sun-damaged or chemically-damaged skin or hair, it would be a great choice for curing. Since this butter is thick, it could go to your deeper layer of skin and stimulate the collagen and  elastin cells to help your hair and skin recover, making it elasticity and moisture again. What is more, another thing makes Murumuru butter stand out is that it has rich Lauric acids – 47%. Lauric acids is a component of triglycerides that could stay stable for a long time and non-toxic and safe to use. It is mainly used to make soaps and cosmetics. Nonetheless, it is usually found in coconut milk and coconut oil. However, compared to coconut oil, Murumuru butter has a higher melting point (33 degree). Therefore, it is not easy to become rancid. Besides all the nutritions it contains, Murumuru butter is also one hundred percent pure and nature. It is virgin cold pressed without any chemical treatment during the process. Therefore, it is totally organic and suitable even for sensitive skins.  In additionally, Murumuru butter is anti-bacterial and antibiosis.

How to Use Murumuru Butter?

Murumuru butter is normally made into cosmetics for hair and skin care. It is super emollient and moisturising while it has a decent smell. Most importantly, it is very easy to use. You could directly apply it to your hair. However, it is better to use it when your hair is wet because it could help your hair to stay moisture for a much longer time. Therefore, you could use it after washing your hair or use it as a sealant after using conditioner. For the skin use, you do not need to rub the butter very hard on your skin. Instead, you just need to get a small amount of the butter and applying it to your skin, especially the problem area. Although the butter stays solid in the normal condition, it will immediately melt when it touches your skin. Except the use of the murumuru butter for hair and skin care, it is also widely used in other cosmetic products such as lipstick, lotions and creams. Nevertheless, since Murumuru butter has a higher melting point, it is easy to be mixed with other vegetable butter as well. The most common mix is with Ucuuba butter. The mixture of the butter is extremely good for dry skin and hair as the butter could form a protection layer on the skin which is similar to mineral silicone. Above all, Murumuru butter is inexpensive and easy to get. It could be a good choice for direct use as well as ingredients for cosmetic products and mixed vegetable butter. However, one thing you should pay attention when you use the Murumuru better is that this butter is cosmetic use only. It is not suitable for human consumption. Thus, you should be careful not to contact it directly to your eyes. What is more, it is also not intended to cure or prevent any disease.



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