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As summer’s rays begin to hit full stride, people everywhere pack their bags for long and lazy days lying on the beach soaking up California’s decadent warmth. That California glow they call it, the golden hue resplendent with flushed cheeks and sun bleached hair. Fully comfortable in the sun’s rays, few of us remember to apply sun protection all over our skin. Smelly, ugly, and all together a complete hassle; traditional sunscreen is often the last thing on our mind. Yet we’re also all more than aware of the harsh effects the sun can cause as well. Skin cancer and premature aging are both sadly the side effects of a beautiful glow that we often overlook in our quest for beauty.

Along comes the truly revolutionary Klenskin products, which will forever change the way people view skin care. No longer a hassle, Klenskin’s three-in- one, shampoo, face, and body wash products are infused with a broad spectrum SPF 30 and will protect the skin from the sun’s beautiful, yet damaging rays. Klenskin Spa is a creamy cleanser that pampers and nourishes the skin, transporting the user to a spa-like experience. Klenskin Kids is delicate with a hint of berry scent, perfect for the child who squirms at the idea of layering on the traditional smelly sunscreen. Klenskin SunBar is the bar soap, that can be left at the sink and reapplied throughout the day. Lastly, the Klenskin Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is the traditional lotion that offers additional protection at SPF 50, which is perfect for a day in the pool. All of their products are completely unique and the first of their kind for today’s competitive market.

Not only can their products be utilized for a day chasing a bronze glow, they are also perfect for everyday use. Wake up, shower, lather the product in for two minutes, get dressed, and voila you’re ready for the day. This is truly a “wash and wear” product. Not only do you look great, you have also applied your armor for the day without changing a single habit.

Unlike many traditional sunscreens, this product protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Both of which have been proven to increase the risk of skin cancer and cause premature aging. This product uses a special Encapsulated Sunscreen-QuantaSphere Technology (QS) which means that they do not put the sunscreen into your skin, but onto it. By lathering while showering, this product allows one to protect easily forgotten spots on the body: such as the scalp, ears, and neck.

The Klenskin product line is a perfect for YOU. Whether you’re a construction worker, a lifeguard, a heart surgeon, housewife, or fashion designer, YOU can benefit from this product. In its simplicity of use and affordable pricing, anyone from all walks of life can incorporate this product into their morning routine. Take a look at- http://www.klenskin.com/.


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