Have a fair complexion and slim and smart tummy with Chica Bonita patches

One of my cousins used to have a very dark complexion. That made her the laughing stock of all our cousin gatherings. But last month when she came to our home I was amazed to see her. She had even more fair complexion then me (I am the fairest of the lot, actually used to be). I was so curious so instantly I grab her from the arm and asked what’s the magic behind this rapid change in your complexion. First she was reluctant to disclose but when I insisted she told me she used skin whitening patches. As I am in the beauty industry myself so my curiosity was enough to get each and every detail of the Chica Bonita patches she used.

I gone through their site. Checked out each and every details, checked the packing my cousin luckily had in her purse. So all those info was enough to impress me and force me to share it here with my readers. First part I have already disclosed. My cousin had a superb experience using this patches. And now the product, how it actually works and what are the benefits of this and in how much you can get this everything awaits your attention below.

Their skin whitening patches are called ” Chica Bonita Transdermal Gluta Patches”. Very simple to use, just patch it and forget that it’s even there. The patch will seep into your skin and works it’s magic deep into layers of dermis. Chica Bonita Antioxidant Patches works by increasing your body’s Glutathione levels. Ingredients are plant-based extract, totally safe and effective. Each patch contains 300mg of Glutathione and 200mg of Vitamin C extracts absorbed by your skin to your bloodstream.

A woman on average spends at least $80 for a Vitamin C injection (intravenous and painful!) which lasts approximately 3 weeks after which you will need to make another appointment. Our transdermal patches has the same effects – minus the pain and doctor’s appointments.

Apart from skin whitening there are many other benefits of Chica Bonita Transdermal Gluta Patch. It works to lighten your skin tone, decrease asymptomatic rashes and skin irritation, speeds up your skin’s healing process, lighten and reduce dark spots and pigmentation, promotes clarity and rejuvenation.

Rather then going in more details about how to use and benefits etc I am sharing the back side of the packaging of this product. It has all the information you will need.

As far as price is concerned its normal price is USD 150. But you will go nuts to know they are offering a huge discount. You can get in now in USD55 (for samples without box) and USD97 regular packaging. And that’s not all. You can refer your friends and get $10 cash reward while your friends get 5% off their purchase!

So want to have a fair complexion in as low as $55 ?  Order Now.

When I was going through all the details on their skin whitening patches I also came to know alot about their other product “The body slimming pactches” goes by the product name CHICA BONITA GUARANA SLIMMING PATCH.It’s a superb product for slimming your body.No matter how huge you are it will definitely leave good impact. It helps to suppress massive appetite without hunger pangs, headaches and nausea. The natural plant extract from Guarana has also been used to increase physical energy, often used by athletes to improve their performance.

Their aim is not to encourage extreme dieting among their customers rather, to help you curb unhealthy cravings and excessive food portions. By suppressing your appetite, you can incorporate regular exercise AND remember to keep yourself hydrated (soda and caffeine doesn’t count).

And here instructions on the back of the package (It will be helpful particularly for those who have purchased without packaging).

Just like the other product its on sale as well. Usual price USD85. NOW USD15 (for samples without box) and USD29 for regular packaging. And 10% referral reward is on this product as well. Don’t want to grab the opportunity? I am sure you don’t want to buy in $85 after the sale end. So order now to grab it in $15/$29 Order Now

Now as I have shared all the info I got on the product I feel myself satisfied 🙂 Enjoy a fair complexion and a slim and smart tummy with Chica Bonita.


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