Perfect Body Leads to Confidant Life

A sleek and slim-fit body is the desire of every woman for ages! If you struggle with pudginess and a corpulent body you must be finding some cure or method to get back in shape. The idealism in terms of physique and figure drags many masses to the gym, however, body shapers are the simplest […]

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Director Dwayne Buckle comes up with another exciting documentary “Ancient Symbols”

If you like documentaries, Dwayne Buckle brings you yet another intriguing piece, Ancient Symbols. As the name suggests, the documentary explains the importance of symbols throughout history and explains their evolution and use in our daily lives. From the prominent Yin Yang symbol to the icons and emojis on our screen, symbols are everywhere. According […]

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Some inspiring personalized gift ideas


First of all sorry for a prolonged absence. I wasn’t feeling well, but now back with a boom. This week I have brought you some exciting personalized gift ideas. Personalized Gifts A gift that’s made personally for you or for someone you would be gifting to. It can be necklace with your name on it […]

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NYC filmmaker & actor Sam’s next film, ‘The Interview from Hell’ delivering laughs in 2020

Sameeksha Katyal

Award-winning NYC filmmaker Sameeksha L. Katyal’s next short film ‘The Interview from Hell’ has been nominated in over 30film festivals and won 8 awards including, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Audience Choice Award’ at international film festivals in 2020. The office comedy focuses on the experience of interacting with crazy and weird people we work with and […]

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Getting back to shape with Loverbeauty


It’s been ten years since I have been working as a beauty and fitness consultant. In these years I have learned so much about beauty and fitness products. You have to be very choosy and careful about going for any product. There are a number of things to consider before you buy a fitness or […]

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Hair Removal Products That Work

Hair Removal Products

There’s a ton of hair removal products on the market, which makes choosing one difficult. Some products work better then others while there’s some that don’t work at all. My composition weeds out the bad hair removal products from the good. Hair removal systems is a huge market, which makes it tough to choose one […]

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How To Start A Small Business Today

COVID-19 has literally destroyed every field of life. Financial loss is much bigger then anything else. The current economy has left many people unemployed or earning less because of changes in their work place. It is no surprise that many people have pushed back against the economic difficulties and started their own home based business […]

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