It is the time to buy a chronograph watch

chronograph watch

Watches help us to tell time.

However, there are watches that do more than tell time. These are chronograph watches. The origin of this watch suggests is Greek. In Greek, “chrono” means time, while “graph”, means to jot. Thus, a chronograph is a watch that records time.

What you need to know about a chronograph watch as you decide to buy

Does more than keep the time

Once the chronograph watch was invented in the ancient Greece, it was used by the king who used it to record speeds of race horses and thus a watch that recorded time.

A chronograph watch is a watch that beyond telling time can also be used as a stopwatch. A stopwatch can be stopped and started at will to time various activities and events. It is used in sporting events, examination purposes and other events and activities that need to be timed.

Its functionality

Beyond its functions of keeping and recording time, you also need to know how a chronograph works. 

A chronograph is quite easy to use. It has its time-keeping functionality while also it has the stopwatch functionality. For the stopwatch, the chronograph has three buttons. A button that starts the stopwatch recording, a button to stop and another to reset. The reset button erases a finished session and ensures that you can time another event afresh.

The reset button was invented after the other buttons. Before it was invented, the stopwatch just run without stopping.

Is a tachymeter

The chronograph watch can also be used to measure distance and speed. This is the function of the chronograph that is able to measure speed from one place to another based on the distance or measures the distance traveled based on the speed assessed.

Beautiful timepieces

Chronographs are beautiful watches. Modern chronograph watches are designed by designers with an eye for detail. They are designed to be easy to use and appealing to the eyes.

Contemporary watch designers produce beautiful chronographs that can be worn as an accessory to an outfit rather than just a stopwatch and a watch to tell time.

Easy to maintain and look after

Even with the many complications that are added onto a chronograph, it is quite easy to maintain and take care of a chronograph watch. In case it gets damaged or stops working abnormally, ensure that you have it checked by a professional horologist to ensure that you save money and that your watch is well repaired.

Additional factors to consider when buying a chronograph watch

Split second capabilities

When used as a stopwatch, a chronograph watch with split second capabilities, is able to record the time taken by two people in a specific race.

This often happens when at the end of the race, the first finishers time is recorded as time for the rest of the racers continues counting down.

Water proof

Another feature you need to look at when buying a chronograph watch is to ensure that it is water resistant. This ensures that your watch will not get spoiled when it comes in touch with water in the swimming pool or when it is raining.

Ease of use

Modern chronographs are beautifully designed to ensure that you can read them easily during the day and the night.


Chronograph watches are available in a range of prices. Do not feel pressured to buy those on the higher end of the price spectrum as they offer the same service and functionality with those on the lower end.

However, if your budget allows and you need all the complications, do not let my advice stop you from buying your heart’s pleasure.


When you consider all these factors about a chronograph, you can buy one that meets your budget and your needs.

A chronograph watch has many functionalities that end up redundant as most people just use them to tell time and to accessorize their outfits. Buy a chronograph watch if you will use for its functions as it can save lives and time.


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