How to Choose the Perfect Sunglass to Suit Your Needs


Sunglasses not only shield your eyes from the harmful sun rays but they are a much-needed style statement that can blend with any type of fashionable outfit! Nowadays, shades have much more role in making one’s look stylish rather than their general function and that’s why the process of selecting the ideal sunglass becomes significant. While choosing the perfect sunglass, there are few things that you need to keep in mind and here is a list of the same things below.


  • Eye Protection

Since the first and foremost thing sunglasses do is protect your eyes from the bright sun rays. Therefore, it becomes important to check the shielding capability of your Sunglass Picks. For this, go for sunglasses that can safeguard your eyes from at least 99% UV rays and 96% UVA rays. Also, take a look at the eye cover area and think about why you need sunglasses. Whether it is just for style or is it for a more practical reason. Such reasoning can help you to select the perfect one without compromising on style or the overall protection!


  • Choosing the Shape of The Frame

This part is also a key feature in choosing one sunglasses as they have to need to suit your face shape for an overall complimentary look. Like if you have a round face, you should go for angular frames and if you have a square shaped face, then choose the ones with round frames. Further, round shaped sunglasses also work best for long faces while rectangular frames blend nicely with triangular faces.


  • Selecting the Appropriate Lens Color

After checking the protection feature and frame shape, the next thing for ideal sunglass picks is the lens color. The color of the lens can be chosen as per the climate you will be in while wearing shades or the activity you will be pursuing. Red, pink, grey, black, green, amber and brown are ideal for sunny and cloudy days. While yellow, blue, green, pink and red go wonderfully in hazy or foggy days. Moreover, every lens color has its own role to play, for instance, green provides color perception, works best in low-light situations, brown has great depth perception, yellow is ideal for working on digital devices, blue assists in identifying contours, grey and black have the lightest reduction and pink offers amazing road visibility. There are also sunglasses in which you can change lens as per your requirement.


  • Check the Lens Material

Lens created from NXT polyurethane are costly but give perfect clarity and are quite lightweight. Polycarbonate lens are not scratch resistant and also give a reduced amount of clarity. Acrylic is another material which is inexpensive but won’t be durable for long use. Polyamide although rarely used in lens making is sturdier and is has a better clarity.

The above given tips are a must to choose a top-quality sunglass that can make you look stylish and trendy without comprising the protection.


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